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Some Say Jesus' Death on the Cross was Fake

France has gone from being a country where people were willing to die for their faith to being the most secular country in the world. Could Canada go that route, asks Janet Epp Buckingham in her weblog, Slippery Slope to Secularism.

Even though secular forces are arrayed against our country, a considerable percentage of Canadian people have faith that Jesus did in fact live and die the way the Bible says He did, according to Ipsos Reid. Ipsos Reid conducted a poll to find out if recent controversial interpretations of Christ's life, like The Da Vinci Code, have had an effect on the beliefs of the Canadian people. Various media outlets reported the results from differing perspectives. See two of the stories below: New Poll Reflects Impact of Da Vinci Code, and In God's Presence.

Even if stories like The Da Vinci Code are not true, people are influenced by words because words carry spiritual power. Consider the word values. "Values is a weasel-word," says Dr. Ian Hunter—"a corrupting word for a corrupt society." To talk about Canadian values is misleading. We need to talk about virtues (see Virtues, Not Values). There's a big difference.

Using the word correctly, as believers, we place considerable value on sharing the Christian message with our friends and neighbours. Here are some groups with unique ideas for sharing our love for Jesus. For instance, we all know kids hang out with peers and love music. But that information gave a Niagara Falls church a "God" idea that revolutionized their youth ministry (see Above All Things, "We Must Rock"). Also, a unique, Christ-centred school in Alberta is reaching out in a unique way—through theatre. The Rosebud School of the Arts is expecting this season to be a box-office blockbuster (see Audiences Rediscovering Rosebud).

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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