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Talk to Your Kids About Sex, Love and Character

We worry about our children's decision-making because wrong choices in areas like drinking, drugs, and sex can carry a high cost. We are particularly concerned about premature sexual involvement because in this area our youth can be most vulnerable and most at risk. An excellent article (see the article, Talk to Kids About Sex, Love, and Character)—an excerpt from Thomas Lickona's book Character Matters—presents perspectives and points of discussion that can be very helpful to parents, youth group leaders, and educators in offering insight to young people.

From ads to Internet, in our society powerful messages with sexual content bombard us continually. They entice and seduce even believers, and prey on the wounded and vulnerable. Outwardly we may look like we have it all together, but inwardly we may be bound by addictions to alcohol (see Substance Abuse Costs Canada Billions), lust, or pornography, and consequently suffer pain and guilt. Freedom is possible (see Addicts Celebrate Recovery Found in Christ). Addictions can be overcome (see Countering Lust).

On another note—it's almost summer, and many churches across Canada are planning to get out on the streets to share their fraith from May 27 to June 11 (see Love London: Celebration 2006). Most churches believe they ought to do more evangelism, but outreach involves more than just increased activity. Here are pointers for improving the evangelistic health of a church: So What's New? and Preparing Your Church for Evangelism.

Outreach is taking the form of reconciliation in Caledonia, Ontario, where a long-standing land claims dispute between the Mohawk Indians and a land developer has flared into a stand-off. Local pastors met to pray and try to influence a peaceful resolution (see Caledonia Christians Urge Reconciliation). Also, the EFC's Aboriginal Ministries Council composed a letter to the Governor-General and Prime Minister of Canada urging a just, equitable, and fair resolution to the present conflict.

Browse these selections and other good articles below! For more information on issues currently in the news, see the EFC Update in the News channel.


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