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Is Every Christian a Charismatic

In Bangkok, at a roundtable discussion on religious persecution, the EFC's Janet Epp Buckingham expected to hear how terrible things are. Instead she heard that the gospel is spreading at an incredible rate. "How could this be?" she asked. The answer was humbling. Because of the "signs and wonders" (see the weblog, Why Share the Gospel).

On June 4 we celebrate Pentecost Sunday—the day the Holy Spirit was given to the church together with the "sign and wonder" of speaking in other tongues (see Acts 2). This year's Pentecost Sunday is of special significance to the Pentecostal movement that recently celebrated 100 years since the Azusa Street revival. In the early 1900s the protracted event sparked a fresh focus on speaking in tongues and gifts of the Spirit (see Pentecostalism at 100: A Major Religious Force). Today the influence of this event extends to 500 million worldwide.

So, you ask, Do you have to be a Pentecostal and speak in tongues to "qualify" for the gifts of the Spirit? See what the author of Is Every Christian a Charismatic? has to say.

By way of illustration, read the story this week of Florence Nightingale. Gifted in service, she experienced such a powerful call of God to help the sick and dying that it transformed the world's perspective on medical care (see Florence Nightingale Answered God's Call). See also the story of a Canadian doctor, Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese, who having been called of God to help mothers in distress in developing countries, left the comforts of Ontario to live in Uganda and oversee the ministry there (see Canadian Doctor Faithful in the Trenches).

Closer to home, the Brampton Life Centre is also caring for mothers in distress—ones that need much love, support, and assistance as they face unplanned pregnancies. The centre has been providing ongoing assistance and care to women, teens, and fathers since 1983 (see Shaping Lives).

And on a lighter note, did you hear? Another new gospel has been discovered! The gospel according to Skip and Muffy has all the makings of yet another blockbuster (see New Revelations)!

Please take a moment to check out these and other good stories below. Have a great week!


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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