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Putting Our Faith Into Action

What is a parent's number one fear? Fear for their child's safety and well-being, says Grace Fox, author and conference speaker. Grace Fox most sincerely advises fearful moms and dads to trust in God with our kids' well-being.

The reality is that in our world it isn't easy for parents to protect their kids, and it isn't easy for kids to sift through the influences upon them. For example, according to Focus on the Family, the U.S. Parents Television Council observed that "family hour" television has lost its emphasis on family values and is becoming "just another wasteland of sex, violence and profane language."

Our society's shift to common-law relationships is also difficult for children, according to Census figures and other studies. Licia Corbella writes that "common-law relationships are a whopping 450 percent more likely to split up than a marriage!" Marriage, she concludes, matters to kids.

Several articles this week also urge us to consider homelessness. What are the real reasons people are homeless? asks a Faith Today article by Greg Paul, director of the Sanctuary in Toronto. Some of the reasons, he says, may surprise us. Many of the homeless, for instance, are afflicted with psychiatric problems. Rick Tobias, president of Toronto's Yonge Street Mission, in commenting on the new Canadian Mental Health Commission, says it must take notice of mentally ill people who are on the streets. "Any Commission that doesn't deal with the homeless population hasn't succeeded," he asserts. According to Greg Paul, neither is the Church exempt. He points out that in many cases our Christian communities are uniquely qualified to help.

Debra Carew, a leader at one of the largest health sciences centres in Canada, believes she is called to put her faith into action in her professional life. Whether as parents concerned about our children, or as members of the Body of Christ looking to represent Him to others in need, that's our calling too.

Please be inspired by these selections, and don't miss the additional ones below.

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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