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"The Times, They Are A-Changin'"

We live in times of accelerated change. We experience change almost daily, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

For example, the Canadian Census 2006 results indicate that change has taken place in the way we view marriage. Based on the results, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's (EFC) Director of Public Policy, Douglas Cryer asks, is marriage passé? One of the two most significant changes evident in the Census, he says, is that unmarried people outnumber legally married people for the first time.

Barbara Kay also notes the shift in the importance of marriage within our society. Unlike today, marriage was a very significant event in our lives several decades ago, she recalls. If like Barbara Kay you are committed to a traditional marriage relationship, you may be interested to know that another recent survey suggests many Canadians still attach great personal importance to marriage.

With school beginning again this month Sheila Wray Gregoire looks at the way teaching in the classroom has changed. She calls on an "expert" who points out how different school is today from what it was like when she was a girl. Sheila's expert offers her opinion on modern-day "improvements" to our educational system.

Kim Phuc knows personally how swiftly life can change. Her memories of childhood were wonderful until the moment a napalm bomb destroyed that life, incinerated everything familiar to her, and scorched her body rendering her near death. For ten years she was haunted with the question, Why did I live? The answer, when it came, transformed her life.

Also this week, the EFC has appealed to the Canadian Radio and Television Commission for a change in policies governing the rights of single faith religious broadcasters. The EFC contends that religious broadcasters have been subjected to unfair and unnecessary restrictions in their ability to operate as a result of conditions imposed because of a problem from the 1930s. Those conditions no longer exist and religious broadcasters are deserving of fair treatment, and change.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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