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Communicate by Speaking the Hearer's Language

Communication connects us or puts barriers between us. How do we communicate with others who think differently from us? For instance, Christians view God differently than do Muslims. To communicate, we must do so within their framework and understanding of God. We must, in fact, “translate” God into their “language,” says Dr. Arley Loewen who serves as a cultural consultant in Afghanistan.  

But expectations can build barriers that hinder communication. Looking within the Church community, Jonathan Buck asks, Why do many believing Christians have difficulty belonging to churches? He speculates that it could be because Christians and churches may have expectations of each other that are difficult to meet. Buck assures us the solution is simple.

Communication can also break down barriers. In an interesting report, the Mennonite Central Committee shares how a Mennonite group’s efforts at establishing communication between perpetrators and victims of crime are bringing reconciliation and helping offenders acknowledge and address the consequences of their behaviour.

And here is a unique communications challenge. A recent study shows that most Canadians don’t know what Christian higher education is and can’t name a Christian college or university. But the majority of these respondents also indicate that they would be willing to consider a Christian institution of learning for their post-secondary education.

An additional item concerning education this week: British Columbia’s Ministry of Education recently drafted a guide for teaching diversity and social justice in the classroom from K to 12. But The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s legal counsel Don Hutchinson observes that recommendations from faith groups failed to be included. He asks, Is the British Columbia government promoting the concept that religious beliefs should be restricted from public expression?

We invite you to peruse these thought-provoking articles as well as other inspiring and informative ones below.

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Online Editor
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