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Is there any value to spectator sports?

Jack O’Halloran, in an article for The Salvationist, points out that 80 percent of people in our communities watched or participated in sporting events last month. Only 19 percent visited a church. That statistic isn’t surprising, but in view of that fact, David Greusel, who writes in the context of college sports asks, What is the value of spectator sports? Greusel maintains there are attributes to sports that Christians should appreciate. In a related article he tackles the heart of the matter and asks, Why does the average person find sports more appealing than a church service?

You might smile at the question, but Greusel observes that in our Western world it might be “fitting to consider whether spectator sports could serve as a model for worship.” O’Halloran in his article goes on to offer other ideas on how to bridge the gap between sports and church.

But for some folk a gap doesn’t exist. Athletes who are Christian draw our admiration and support as they live their faith through their sport. George Foreman was King of the Ring until he faced Muhammad Ali and lost. He says it’s the best thing that could have happened to him. The disappointment brought him face to face with God who challenged his faith and gave him a new reason for living.

Another, a Christian ministry, links sailing with outreach to youth. Every year about 2,000 young people experience spiritual growth and all aspects of shipboard life aboard the Sail and Life Training Society’s tall ships.

We have highlighted these articles for your reading pleasure, but we wish to alert you also to additional good ones below. Take time this week to read some and also to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. Their sacrifice continues. Join with a downtown Montreal church that honours today’s military heroes. It has become a place of reflection and solace for those remembering Canadian soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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