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The WOW Factor in God-stories

It’s awesome to hear how God moves in our lives! This week we are featuring some exceptional God-stories that build our faith and encourage our hearts.

Recently we discovered a wonderful story about a young Jewish boy who suffered greatly at the hands of the Nazis in WWII. Yet on death row in a Nazi prison camp he found life and hope. Read Herman Rosenblat’s own story that traces God’s destiny throughout his life. His story is now being made into a movie and he was interviewed on Oprah just last week.

A hard act to follow, but not for Nick Overduin. His God-story is also a wonderful example of answered prayer and God’s intervention on a university campus. Does God still perform miracles? All the time! He even answers our prayers before we pray them!

More great articles!  In his feature, Preparing for a Pandemic, John Longhurst, director of media relations and marketing for Canadian Mennonite University (CMU), poses a question raised at a recent CMU conference: What will happen when, not if, a pandemic hits? Faith groups must be ready because they will play a very important role, said the medical experts in attendance.

In another article, From Sermons to Sound Bites, Longhurst offers pointers to pastors on their Sunday morning communications with their congregations. Shifting demographics and fundamental changes in our attention spans, he says, are requiring pastors to find new ways to engage the congregations in their sermons.

Also, this week, encouragement from psychologist Colleen Hammermaster. She offers ideas on how we can temper our anger. Anger, she says, is a natural human emotion like happiness, sadness, and loneliness. How we deal with our anger is our choice and our responsibility.

Enjoy these selections, and please scroll down for additional articles and news stories below.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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Other New Articles This Week

Federal Elections to Compete with Churches on Sunday?
Is it fair that Christian worship practices are considerably inconvenienced by the government in favour of proposed changes aimed at bolstering voter turn-out?

Jane’s World
Krista Acheson’s latest CD, Jane’s World, has the strength to inspire airplay requests to radio stations across Canada.

Is the Price Too High?
What is the real cost of parental absenteeism during critical child rearing years? Here are some suggestions to help parents readjust priorities.

Canada Is a Big Mission Field
Although 60 percent of Canadians believe in a Creator God, the Church needs to think more seriously about mission in Canada.

Respect and Exclusion
Winnipeg's Church of The Rock in a sense extended a compliment to the Native people when they prevented aboriginal dancers from performing on church premises.

Union Official Files Complaint Claiming Religious Discrimination
The president of an Ottawa Public Service Alliance of Canada local has filed a human rights complaint against his union and his employer on religious freedom grounds.

Quebec Ministry Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Christian Direction, a ministry that grew from the one-time event, the Sermons from Science pavilion at Expo 67, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Clock Ticking on Human Cloning Ban
Human cloning is so close to becoming a reality that the world must move quickly either to ban it or pass laws to protect cloned humans.

Grief and Shock Rock Church in Aftermath of Killing
A longstanding member of Don Valley Bible Chapel was arrested and charged with the murder of his young daughter.





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