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Reaching Out with Love

Hope and suffering. The medical community faces these heart conditions daily. How should we as Christians respond? In her quest for an answer, Julie Desjardins, a public health nurse, investigated the hope and suffering of spinal cord injury victims. She compiled her findings and presents them in the form of a story from the perspective of a fictional victim.

When we are faced with difficult decisions concerning medical treatments, how do we decide what to do? Many things need to be considered, among them life expectancy, ethics and side effects. This week a pastor shares insights on how Christians can make good ethical decisions concerning medical treatments.

“I am the God that healeth thee,” we read in Scripture. Healing may come through the efforts of the medical community, or directly in response to our prayers, but God is our healer in every case. Dr. Brad Burke poses the question: Does God still do healing miracles? He certainly does, Burke answers, but he qualifies his answer. Some healings that Christians call supernatural, may not necessarily be supernatural. He explains why.

The Gospel message reaches to the heart of every human condition, and every need. If our efforts to communicate that message sometimes fail, perhaps we have to re-think the way we present the message. That is particularly true of Christians trying to reach people of other cultures, said the speaker at the opening session of a mission conference at the Canadian Mennonite University. Meanwhile, a new Toronto ministry is doing just that. They discovered that Chinese newcomers spend many lonely days at a local McDonald’s. The new ministry reaches out to these immigrants with love and a helping hand.

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Online Editor
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