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An "Agenda" Behind The Golden Compass

Even before its release today, there has been a lot of discussion about the children’s movie, The Golden Compass. If parents are worried that The Golden Compass can “poison children's minds against the biblical God...well, there is certainly some basis for that,” says B.C. Christian News movie reviewer, Peter Chattaway. “There really is an agenda behind The Golden Compass.”

That “agenda” appeared significant enough for the Halton Catholic District School Board in Ontario to pull the books on which the movie was based from its school library shelves. “The decision gave rise to the usual lament of censorship, and a heated debate about what children are taught in schools,” reports the Globe and Mail. In response, the publication invited a panel to debate the issues raised by the book, the movie and the school board's decision.

When it comes to movies, how should Hollywood portray Jesus? A new book, Jesus of Hollywood by Adele Reinhartz, gives film-makers a failing grade on their efforts. In her discussion of the Jesuses of Hollywood, Reinhartz shows that the “reel” Jesus invariably conflicts with, or is unsupported by, Scriptural and historical evidence.

Here is some more great reading for this week. 

Grant Mullen, MD, talks about two kinds of pain. His training as an anaesthesiologist, he says, couldn’t prepare him for what he encountered in his general practice with patients who visited his office. Be prepared for a light-hearted opportunity to “examine yourself”!

And finally, an inspiring story of commitment to God. Throughout his life, now 100-year-old Bob Birch, founder of Watchmen for the Nations, has hardly ever missed his 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. prayer time. In a book titled, Birch, David Demian comments, “Pastor, mentor, friend and spiritual father to many, Bob Birch is a man whose life exemplifies the humility and brokenness of Jesus.”

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