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Merry Christmas World!

Congratulations and best wishes to Christian Info Society (CIS) for 25 years of service to the Canadian Christian community. Founded in 1982, B.C.-based CIS is a national news ministry that links Christians inter-denominationally and focuses on unity in the Body of Christ.

Merry Christmas World!
 At the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, this greeting is more than just a message of good cheer. It’s a heartfelt call to action that offers each of us a fresh opportunity to be a channel of blessing. Christmas is a time for giving, and those of us who are privileged to live in Canada, have a lot to give.

We Canadians also have big dreams. That’s what Mikhail Gorbachev said when he saw our Parliament Buildings. There’s a great story associated with them. Did you know that every day and every hour the bells on Parliament Hill peal out the message of our Saviour’s birth? Jesus birth is Good News and deserves to be told. Why, then, are we sometimes timid to share it? Doug Koop, editorial director for ChristianWeek suggests three reasons.

With three days to go to Christmas, the malls are packed. People appear obsessed – even driven, as they rifle through pre-Christmas bargains. What does it all mean to them? As in-store music grates on her nerves, Marian Van Til asks, what would happen if they could hear a classic like Handel’s Messiah with the words that extol Jesus’ birth instead? Would their hearts be stirred?

And what about you? Is your heart stirred with the meaning of Christmas? With all the festivities, shopping and celebrations, do you have time to contemplate Christmas – to meditate on all that God has given us through the birth of His Son on earth? The truth is, our celebrations have little to do with what happened in Bethlehem so long ago, says Stanley Porter, president and dean of McMaster Divinity College.

Tree? Turkey? Carolling? Is there a “disconnect” between our traditions and the reality of Christ’s birth? According to the Salvationist, in China for example, Christmas is just a commercial opportunity. Chinese immigrants are excited about Christmas in Canada. They like the traditions and want to experience them with friends in the context of the Church. According to Faith Today, ministry to newcomers, especially refugees, offers the Church a wonderful opportunity to be a channel of blessing throughout the year, not just at Christmas.

The world is here at our doorstep and we have a lot to give!

Merry Christmas World, and a Happy New Year! We will be back with Virtual House News on January 4.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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