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Finding Faith in Tough Places

We have a choice when the going gets rough. We can choose to allow God’s strength within us to prevail regardless of the opposition. When it ignites our spirit, it not only carries us through, but propels us to a level of grace we hardly expected. For example, in Canada we are increasingly surrounded by a militant secularism that would seek to silence believers especially in the public square, but can it succeed? Christian experience demonstrates that persecution can result in the strengthening of faith.  

Michael Coren makes an interesting point in a recent article. The disbelief of atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, he says, has profoundly encouraged his faith rather than smothered it. 

The same is true in tough circumstances. When Eleanor Clitheroe was publicly dismissed from her prestigious position as CEO of Hydro One, she faced a choice. In a “spiritual desert” she was often “overwhelmed and full of emotion,” but she chose to trust God. Now her greatest joy is in seeing “the captives set free.”

In difficult circumstances of another kind, Samuel Zwermer, a missionary described as “a man to remember,” lived a life of faith. He was a man of unusual talent and drive who exerted great influence on the advance of the Gospel.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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