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Answering the Call to Serve

What are Evangelicals in Canada doing? According to an Ipsos Reid survey, whether it’s within their communities or through their churches, Evangelicals have a heart to serve. What makes the difference? In Lieutenant-Governor David Onley’s life, it is a firm trust in God in spite of overwhelmingly difficult circumstances.

For two ambassadors to Canada, Dennis Ignatius and Kaba Camara, it’s a desire to hear God and obey Him. Since the day they each encountered God dramatically, fulfilling His will through their diplomatic postings has been their top priority. Faith and balance characterize their walk with God.

Whether in Ottawa or on the mission field, many Evangelicals seek to serve God in their chosen profession. Under the name Christian Veterinary Missions of Canada, Conrad and Anna Van Dijk have provided a much-needed service to the poverty-stricken people of Sierra Leone. Since 2002 they have visited West Africa 13 times to meet their goal of establishing 1,000 chicken farms in the country.

Closer to home, marriages are healed and couples are receiving spiritual and physical freedom through Caring for the Heart Ministries. Pastors Bob Bramhill and Daniel Savignac are seeking to help church members re-establish strong relationships through what they have learned from Lutheran pastor John Regier’s Biblical Concepts of Counseling.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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