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Protecting Our Children

Pregnant women are at increased risk of being victims of domestic violence. In the past three years five pregnant women, along with their babies, have been killed in violent attacks. At the present time it is not a crime to kill the fetus. This should change, says ethicist Dr. Margaret Somerville. A bill currently before the House of Commons that would make it a crime to kill or injure an unborn child, is expected to come up for a final vote sometime in March. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is following the developments closely. There are complexities and controversies involved in using the law to protect the fetus. 

An outspoken advocate on behalf of the unborn is actress/model Jennifer O’Neill. Perhaps her most significant achievement is her effort to heighten public awareness concerning the devastating results of abortion not only on women, but also on men and families. At a recent Toronto area event she spoke of her faith and of her commitment to the unborn in an interview with Beacon magazine.

Providing protection for children needs to extend to churches because convicted pedophiles attend church, says Melodie Bissell, president of Winning Kids, Inc. She is one of the authors of a manual entitled Plan to Protect. The manual, a resource for church leadership, is being made available to denominational leaders.

On an entirely different note, we are featuring a report this week on a meeting of Canadian church leaders with President Ahmadinejad of Iran. Bruce Clemenger, president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, attended the New York City meeting held at Mr. Ahmadinejad’s request this past fall. How did it go? It was both informative and frustrating, says Mr. Clemenger.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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