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Everyone Loves a Good Story

Everyone has a story. But we need to take time to listen. “Sometimes the stories are too raw for telling. Sometimes, as in Henry’s case, they’re aged like fine wine,” says Lynda MacGibbon. “I gather them around me like treasures for they explain who I am, how my life has been shaped, what I value, who I know.”

It seems we love stories. Some of our favourites, after we have come to know God, are stories about the unique ways God touches our lives. Sandra Bates, a single mom, has an unusual story of how she came to know God through her four-month old baby girl. On the other hand, talented stage, screen and television actress Dixie Carter doesn’t remember a time when Christianity was not a part of her life. Her faith has proved to be a plumbline throughout her career, and she was more than willing to share that story with Salvation Army’s writer and editor Ken Ramstead.

Perhaps you have a story you’d like to share. If you are aspiring to record your life stories, you could benefit from a workshop offered at the Canadian Mennonite University in May 2008. The workshop, says instructor Joanne Klassen, “will give non-career writers an ideal opportunity to retreat, relax, reflect, and move closer to their writing goals.”

Sharing stories and life experiences builds a sense of camaraderie and community among us. We are attracted to places that encourage these “authentic” relationships. Every day, for instance, a Mennonite Central Committee’s Centre in Saskatoon serves up hot food to as many as 90 people. The money goes to a good cause, explains Marlene Froese the caterer, but better yet, “It is about building community, interacting, listening, hearing stories, sharing stories and building relationships.”

The pursuit of “authentic community” has become a desirable quest socially, and among Christian groups and even churches as a form of outreach. But Pastor Geoff Vandermolen of Calgary raises a questions. Should building “authentic community” be a goal of the church? He suggests that thoughtful churches might ask, “If we're targeting 'authentic community' are we aiming at the right thing?”

These are good stories. We invite you to enjoy them. For additional articles and news stories, please scroll down. Enjoy your reading.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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