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Freedom to Serve

Some pro-choice groups were celebrating this week! January 28th marked the anniversary of the abolishment of Canada’s abortion law. “There’s really nothing to celebrate,” says The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s General Legal Counsel Don Hutchinson. Now “Abortions are performed in Canada during all nine months of pregnancy, including partial birth abortion procedures.”

In addition, on Canada’s university campuses it is increasingly becoming an offence to defend the lives of the un-born. According to a story by Focus on the Family, student leaders are imposing restrictions to silence pro-life groups saying these conditions are necessary to “‘decrease the amount of offence’ the group’s stance on abortion would presumably cause other students.”

While abortion ranks high among issues important to Christians, so does poverty. On that front, here’s some good news! When the Yonge Street Mission began its second century of service to the poor in downtown Toronto, it incorporated practical steps that have proven to be effective in breaking the poverty cycle. With an intensive focus on education, lives are being transformed.

How does a church reach out to see lives transformed in its own neighbourhood? Alderwood United in Toronto had a good idea. Their gesture of love toward neighbours caught the community’s attention, and eventually opened doors to conversations.

And here is a helpful spiritual insight you don’t want to miss. In a special to ChristianWeek, Eric Wright says subtle pressures that cause guilt can usurp our freedom to serve Christ from the heart. It’s a question of spiritual liberty. When we are made to feel guilty for making healthy choices outside of the expectations of others, our spiritual liberty is threatened. Wright offers an answer. 

This week’s articles are educational and informative. We invite you to peruse these selections as well as the ones below. Please scroll down and enjoy your reading.


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