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Treat Your Bible Like Your Cell Phone

What exactly is success?  How would you define it? Certain characteristics of success are common to all areas of life, says Dr. Grant Mullen, and your success in life depends on them. It may surprise you what these characteristics are. According to Dr. Mullen, among other things, they are linked to relationship.

The most important thing in any relationship, of course, is our ability to communicate. What could be more satisfying than sitting down for a cozy one-on-one chat with a friend over a creamy Caramel Latte? That is, until the cell phone rings!  As helpful as they are when you really need them, cell phones can be a hindrance to relationships, but it need not be that way, says columnist Diane Exner.

So, here’s an interesting proposition. What would happen if you treated your Bible like your cell phone and took it everywhere? Marcy Kennedy tried it for a month. She shares her experience.

Perhaps the greatest success we can experience is to know that we are in the centre of God’s will for our lives. This week Canadian Christianity is featuring a story about a professional couple from Nigeria who knew they were called of God to Canada. "Our friends thought we were crazy," says Bisi Peluola. Their friends imagined them living in igloos, but in obedience and by faith they gave up their jobs and moved to Saskatoon. They are now richly blessed and well equipped to help those who need it most.

”There can be no greater goal than to help the destitute and the derelict,” says Peter Menzies in Business in Calgary magazine. Mr. Menzies points out that it is noble for a city to aim to eliminate homelessness, but better yet would be for the city to help the organizations that are already successfully working toward this goal.

We invite you to enjoy these selections and scroll down for more. Have a good week.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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