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Life In-Between

Phil Wagler is 35.  He says he feels old, but that’s because he was born in the last century. He’s Generation X, the half-way generation that “inherited the radical challenges and culture-quake of the Boomers” and is caught between two worlds – the traditional and the post-Christian. Phil ponders the question, what is the calling of God on this generation?

As Christians we can find ourselves in the middle too. We can be caught between the demands of our material world and our calling in God’s kingdom, and sometimes between belief systems and people groups. That’s the case with several Christian groups in Israel.

On a recent visit to Israel, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s President Bruce Clemenger observed the plight of one of the Christians groups – the Palestinian Christians. They live in-between, “forgotten by the world and particularly by other Christians,” he says. “Yet we can learn much from [them] if we watch how they work co-operatively and diligently and give witness to the Gospel amid a regional Muslim majority and within the State of Israel.”

George Woodward, founder of Israel’s Peace Ministries, sees a need to help and strengthen another Israeli group, the Messianic Jewish believers, who live between a strong move of God’s Spirit in the land and, at times, persecution and fierce opposition, especially from ultra-Orthodox Jews.
These are informative and interesting articles. We invite you to peruse them, and scroll down for additional selections and news stories. For example, an important commentary this week concerns Oprah – definitely a fence-sitter – who calls herself a Christian yet has signed up 500,000 people for her ten-week online course with New Age guru Eckhart Tolle. Internet evangelist Bill Keller has named her the "most dangerous woman in the world" because she "is now trying to be the spiritual guru to this nation.”

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