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Do You Have Baggage?

Baggage is great when you’re on the road. It’s not so great when it’s wrapped around you weighing you down as you carry out your daily tasks. Our personality is like a large bag that holds our emotional reactions to life’s experiences, good or bad, says Dr. Grant Mullen. He helps us understand emotional baggage and how it influences our lives.

When emotional darkness overwhelms us, it helps to have someone in whom we can confide. No one knows that better than Stephanie Oliver, a worker at the Salvation Army’s suicide prevention centre. In a Reader’s Digest-style, moment-by-moment account she shares the story of a crisis averted.

These are just two of this week’s feature articles. We’d also like to draw your attention to some newsworthy items.

We are privileged to post Dr. Margaret Somerville’s articles on She is held in high regard internationally as the world’s leading ethicist. Chimeras, cyborgs, reprogenics – she debates the most difficult and pressing moral issues of our time. In an article titled Ms. Morals Offends, Linda Frum interviews Dr. Somerville for The National Post.

Debate is necessary. Among the current social issues under discussion, as Focus on the Family points out, is another potential debate on the legalization of assisted suicide. Also, Mark Milke, commenting on the current collision between pro- and anti-abortion student groups on Canadian campuses says, banning debate on abortion is proof of closed minds.

And one more article you won’t want to miss! Outreach has never been easier and more fun. This summer, join with hundreds of other churches across Canada that are reaching out to their communities with God’s love in a practical way. Encourage your church to get involved with Celebration 2008.

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Online Editor
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Other New Articles This Week

Christian Higher Education an Endangered Species?
If the Church is to influence the future of this country, its young people must be strong in their faith and know how to engage culture thoughtfully and critically.

Always Room for a Cello
Steve Bell’s Symphony Sessions with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is an excellent offering from a musician of the highest calibre.

The Age of Enlightenment
No longer can parents limit sex education to The Talk. Wherever our kids turn they are inundated with flashy signs pointing them in the wrong direction. 

School Kits Fuel Passion to Help Others
Simon Eng was born with Down Syndrome. He has an inspiring story. He is passionate about helping children go to school and so far has touched the lives of 10,000.

Out of the Mouths of Babes ...
A spiritual child is a happy child, according to a new study.

Human Rights and Political Lefts
Christians are cautious and enthusiastic about a $256 million museum being built in Winnipeg.

Teachers Want “Bullying” Video Game Banned
Teachers’ unions are urging retailers not to sell a new video game that they say glorifies violence.





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