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Ministry is Work, and Work is Ministry

Have you ever longed to be in “full-time ministry” like pastors and Christian workers you see around you? Businessman Jonathan Shaw did. In response to his longing, God taught him four Scriptural truths that helped him realize he had been in “full-time ministry” all along. He shares these principles to help Christians realize their purpose and calling in God, and to help them understand that they may be called to full-time ministry in the marketplace.

Serge Leclerc’s story is a powerful testimony of a call to marketplace ministry. When seeking God’s kingdom became the single most important thing in Leclerc’s life, God moved him from serving 21 years behind bars to serving as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Saskatchewan and as the Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Corrections.

Eleanor Clitheroe, former CEO of Hydro One, also tells a story of God’s call on her life. She is executive director of Prison Fellowship Canada and a curate at an Anglican church in Oakville, Ontario. While fending off very public accusations of wrongdoing, Clitheroe found comfort in her faith – and she found her calling. Clitheroe spoke to Faith Today magazine about redemption, restoration and beginning again.

But what if you’re past the age of retirement? Marie Ens believes that work for the Lord doesn’t have to stop. At 73, she wanted her life to continue to count for God’s kingdom, and began an entirely new ministry venture. She launched and runs a mission in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to help widows and orphans.

And lastly, hats off to a special breed of women who are seldom celebrated – the hard-working volunteers who knit mittens, make sandwiches and serve tea at church functions. Church ladies! Wonderful women called to serve! An Ottawa artist and the Ottawa Citizen have chosen to honour them.

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Online Editor
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