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What Would Jesus Do?

The written word came to life this month in Moncton, N.B., as the sound of books read aloud “stirred the mind, tickled the imagination and disturbed the senses.” Moncton honoured the words of many authors during the Frye Festival that commemorated the work of Canadian author Northrop Frye. The city also honoured God’s Word. An event called Proclamation, celebrated a ten-day marathon reading of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

God’s Word comes to life as we faithfully read it and seek the Holy Spirit’s enablement to obey. We need to live by the Word. Why, then, do we ask What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)? wonders Dr. Jimmy Cobb, professor of theology, ethics and Church history. Mississauga writer Jacquelin Heide asked herself the same question and realized she knew exactly what Jesus would do in her situation. In obedience, she began commuting to work by bus and in the process discovered a unique ministry and relationship with the Lord.

We also need to share the Word. An Alberta church for cowboys discovered that God’s written Word can be a unique tool for outreach. The pastor carries copies of the New Testament for cowboys and hands them out when he strikes up conversations with people.

God’s Word brings healing and hope. That is the expectation of organizers of a First Nations conference. Conference speakers include counsellors and pastors who will share biblical principles related to inner healing to help First Nations people who have accepted Christ deal with hurts they are still carrying.

Best of all, God’s Word saves. God miraculously sent His Word to a young man trapped in the horrors of Cambodia’s Killing Fields and saved him from death. Within six months Setan Lee became an instant evangelist, and six months later was preaching to a church of 35,000.

Please enjoy these selections and scroll down for more. Note especially Don Hutchinson’s article from the National Post. It concerns the recent ruling by the Human Rights Commission against Christian Horizons, a respected ministry.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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