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Virtual House Newsletter  

This email newsletter from highlights new articles each week. It has now been merged with another free weekly newsletter, The EFC Update. Here are some older copies for historical reference.


July 16: Cultivating community
July 9: A subject of intense interest
July 2: Glorious and free
June 25: Peace that restores
June 18: Facebook time vs Face time
June 11: Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue
June 4:  Homelessness - Too close to home
May 28:
May 21:
  Mission and relationships
May 14:
  Our Heart's desire
May 07:
  "It's not all good"




Aug 14:  "Communicating" doesn't mean "connecting"
Aug 07:  Relationship is Best!
July 31:  No Greater Purpose...
July 24:  What in the World are Christians Doing?
July 17:  Mediated by Technology
July 10:  To Burka or Not to Burka
July 03:  Rights and Responsibilities
Jun 26:  Encountering God
Jun 19:  Food for the Soul and the Spirit
Jun 12:  On a Personal Note
Jun 05:  It Matters What Other People Think
May 29:  Good News!
May 22:  Court In Session
May 15:  Social Responsibility, materialism and the economy
May 08:  Evangelicals Have an "Image Problem"
May 01:  Words, Deeds and Seeds
Apr 24:  The Emerging Generations
Apr 17:  Hostages of the Sex Trade
Apr 09:  Yeshua - the Passover Lamb of God
Apr 03:  Called to be a Healing Community
Mar 20:  Commitment or Involvement
Mar 13:  The Influence of Faith
Mar 06:  Honour, Depth and Nobility
Feb 27:  Evangelism in the Public Square
Feb 20:  What's Wrong with Our World?
Feb 13:  Love and Romance
Feb 06:  Atheist Bus Ads - Religion in the Public Square
Jan 30:  It's Not the End of the World
Jan 23:  Keeping an Eye on Polygamy
Jan 16:  Ethical Bailout
Jan 09:  A New Take on Abortion


Dec 19:  Merry Christmas
Dec 12:  Life Isn't Always Predictable
Dec 05:  Civility Must Be Modeled in the Public Square
Nov 27:  Signs of the Times
Nov 14:  Financial Freedom: God's Desire for Us
Nov 07:  A Week to Remember...
Oct 31:  It's Time to Talk About Abortion
Oct 24:  Congratulations to Focus on the Family
Oct 17:  Learning to Laugh When Life Stinks
Oct 10:  More Than Just Turkey!
Oct 03:  Do You Know Who to Vote For?
Sep 26:  A Wii Glimpse Into the Future
Sep 19:  The Shack - A Modern Pilgrim's Progress
Sep 12:  Accommodating Social Attitudes
Sep 05:  Eating Habits - a Challenge to the Church
Aug 29:  A "New Year" and a New Season
Aug 22:  Communicating in a Secular Age
Aug 15:  Boys Should be Boys
Aug 08:  Sharing the Word with Technology
Aug 01:  Business, But Not "As Usual"
July 25:  Congratulations for Great Service
July 18:  God-stories to Inspire and Encourage
July 11:  Not by Power, Nor by Might
July 04:  Write Your Own Story
Jun 27:  Pre-Olympics Persecution
Jun 20:  Pray for Our Government Leaders
Jun 13:  Hot Apple Cider
Jun 06:  "Spiritual Formation" - A Growing Interest Among Evangelicals
May 02:  What Would Jesus Do?
Apr 25: 
Ministry is Work, Work is Ministry
Apr 18: 
The Church has much to offer its community
Apr 04:  Do You have Baggage?
Mar 20:  The Hope of the Resurrection
Mar 14:  Life In-Between
Mar 07:  Mission, Music and Movies
Feb 29:  Culture - A Threat to the Church
Feb 22:  Treat Your Bible Like Your Cell Phone
Feb 15:  What Is a Christian?
Feb 01:  Freedom to Serve
Jan 25:  Everyone Loves a Good Story
Jan 18:  Protecting Our Children
Jan 11:  Answering the Call to Serve
Jan 04:  Finding Faith in Tough Places


Dec 21:  Merry Christmas World!
Dec 07:  An "Agenda" Behind The Golden Compass
Nov 30:  Reaching Out With Love
Nov 23:  WOW Factor in God-Stories
Nov 16:  Christmas, Prayer and Good Food
Nov 09:  Is There Any Value to Spectator Sports
Nov 02:  Communicate by Speaking the Hearer's Language
Oct 26:  Child Poverty at Home
Oct 19:  What ABout "Faith-Based Students"?
Oct 12:  God Works Through Ordinary People
Oct 05:  Freedom to be a Woman
Sep 29:  "The Times, They Are A-Changin'"
Sep 21:  Putting Our Faith into Action
Sep 14:  Atheists Remain a Small Minority
Aug 31:  Public Funding for Faith-Based Schools
Aug 24:  Finding Times of Stillness and Refreshing
Aug 17:  The Church is Not Israel
Aug 10:  Miracles Make a Difference
Aug 03:  Words Have Power
July 27:  Is There More to Life Than This?
July 13:  The "Abomination of Desolation" Found
July 06:  The Greatest Gift
Jun 29:  Eight-Point Prayer Check-up
Jun 22:  Being an Atheist is Pretty Easy
Jun 15:  Tips for Dads on Balancing Work and Family
Jun 08:  Listen and you will hear
May 11:  Mom - A Small But Powerful Word
May 04:  A Seeker-Friendly Church in a Hangar
Apr 27:  The Role of Women in Church Leadership
Apr 20:  Should Faith Have a Place in the Public Square?
Apr 13:  Times of Refreshing - You Need Them
Apr 02:  A Time to Reflect on What is Most Important
Mar 23:  For Heaven's Sake
Mar 16:  Qualities of Laughter
Mar 09:  When Temptation Knocks, What Do You Do?
Mar 02:  The Centre of Christianity Has Shifted
Feb 23:  Jesus Gave Us Weapons of Spiritual Warefare
Feb 16:  A Cartoon Strip the Reflects Christian Truth
Feb 09:  Search for Intimacy
Feb 02:  It's Time to Abolish Slavery Again
Jan 26:  An Evangelical? Doesn't Everyone Want to be One?
Jan 19:  Society is Changing and so is Outreach
Jan 12:  The Broad Way or  the Narrow Way?
Jan 05:  Evangelicals Are a Hot Topic Lately


Oct 27:  A "Ghost"  Story More Gripping Than Fiction
Oct 20:  What Do You Do At the Crack of Dawn
Oct 13:  God's Kingdom is Upside Down
Oct 06:  When Words are Not Enough
Jun 23:  Discover Mission or Die
Jun 16:  Christian Youth Lack a Biblical Worldview
Jun 09:  Jihadis aren't just targeting Christians and Jews
Jun 02:  Is Every Christian a Charistmatic?
May 26:  More Immorality in Kids' Shows than on Prime Time TV
May 19:  An Appropriate Response to the Da Vinci Code
May 12:  If You Want to be Understood, Be Articulate
May 05: Talk to Your Kids about Sex, Love and Character
Apr 28:  Some Say Jesus' Death on the Cross was Faked
Apr 21A Ministry Sews Seeds
Apr 13:  Transformed by the Resurrection
Mar 31:  Give It Up
Mar 17:  A Life and Death Issue
Mar 03:  Going to the Extreme
Feb 17:  Is the Church Failing Divorced People
Feb 10:  Romance is Manly
Jan 27:  Who Won and Who Lost in This Week's Election
Jan 20:  We Can Change the Future of Canada
Jan 13:  Relationship of Faith to Politics
Jan 06:  Looking Ahead, I Press on Toward the Goal


Dec 16:  Take Courage to Speak the Truth in Love
Dec 09:  Of Course He's Not "Safe"
Dec 02:  No Cozy Answers
Nov 25:  Humans Are Now a Zoo Exhibit
Nov 18:  There Is Power In Prayer - Let's Pray!
Nov 11:  The Fires of Intifada
Nov 04:  Christians Need to Wake Up
Oct 28:  Make Him Buy the Cow!
Oct 21:  Coffee Online, Anyone
Oct 14:  Too Young for a Heart Attack
Oct 07:  Put the Thanks Back into Thanksgiving
Sep 30:  Out of Control, or Out of Our Control
Sep 23:  For the Uninitiated - An Insider's View
Sep 16:  We Can Be Emotionally Free
Sep 09:  Don't Die Before You are Dead
Aug 26:  Take a Hike with Someone You Like
Aug 19:  Slavery, Civil Rights and Unity in the Church
Aug 12:  A Real-life "Blast From the Past" Adventure
Aug 05:  Share Your Faith With Wisdom
July 29:  Fear is Not Really the Issue
July 22:  "Barbaric" Christians of the Underground Church
July 15:  If God Talks to You Who Should You Tell
July 08:  Same-sex Marriage Will Have a Broader Impact Than We Envision
July 01:  Don't Mess With My Organic Bolivian Brew
Jun 24:  The Era of Church Without Walls
Jun 17:  Dad, You Can Bless Your Kids - There's Spiritual Power in Your Blessing
Jun 10:  School Board Offers Disconcerting Definition of "Homophobia"
Jun 03:  Christians Should Be Seen and Not Heard
May 27:  Don't Waste Your Life
May 19:  Canada Needs Prayer
May 12:  The Good and the Bad of the Internet
May 05:  Some Serious Fun This Week
Apr 28:  Do You Have a License For That Child
Apr 08:  Could Terri's Case Happen in Canada
Apr 01:  Is Redefinition of "Family" Next
Mar 25:  The Tomb is Empty
Mar 18:  Good Boundaries Help Good Parents Raise Good Children!
Mar 05:  Welcome to the Church at Famous Players
Feb 24:  How We Can Defend Biblican Values in Society Today
Feb 17:  Should Christians Participate in Multi-faith Worship Services
Feb 10:  God's Love on the Frontlines
Feb 03:  A Perverse Vision of Church-State Relations
Jan 27:  A Dark Omen on our Horizon
Jan 20:  Screwtape Sounds Off on Same-Sex Marriage
Jan 13:  It's Not a Done Deal Yet
Jan 07:  Three Things a Christian Must Do in 2005


Dec 17:  Stay Informed on the Defence of Marraige
Dec 10:  Heaven is Invading Canadian Cities
Dec 03:  God Still Loves the Jews - His Chosen People
Nov 26:  It's Never Too Late to Answer God's Call
Nov 19:  Be Kind to that Stranger - He Might Be an Angel
Nov 12:  Canadian Politics - Does Anyone Care?
Nov 05:  Be Not Afraid
Oct 29:  We Wrestle Against Spirit Forces in the Supernatural Sphere
Oct 22:  How to Handle Halloween
Oct 15:  It's Chic and Fashionable to Question Conservatism
Oct 08:  Jimmy Swaggart Learned that We Are Judged by our Own Words
Oct 01:  See What God Can Do Through Just One Obedient Believer
Sep 24:  Something's Not Quite Right
Sep 17:  God Has Big Plans for You!
Sep 10:  Do You Believe in Miracles - These People Do!
Sep 03:  When Should Men Submit to Women
Aug 20:  A Look at the Spiritual Side of Golfing and Fishing
Aug 06:  Are You Caught in the Performance Trap?
July 23:  How Will You Strengthen Marriage?
July 09:  What Will You Do This Summer?
Jun 25:  Who Will Lead Our Nation
Jun 11:  Is Canada Breeding Religious Acrimony
May 28:  Did You Discover God While At Camp
May 21:  Will You Make a Difference in This Election
Apr 30:  Do You Feel Like a Target?
Apr 16:  What Are You Praying For?
Apr 02:  How Will Easter Be Different For You?
Mar 19:  Do You Have an Opinion?













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