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Growing Kids Who Love God
Today’s kids are making poor choices and paying the consequences. The solution is for them to become disciples of Christ, and begin to understand what He’s like.

What perks a child’s interest in God and spiritual matters more: Being taught a list of religious do’s and don’ts, or being introduced to Him as someone who wants to be his best friend, who’s stronger than any super-hero known to modern media, and smarter than Bill Gates?

The real solution to this problem lies in our children becoming disciples of Christ…

The answer seems like a no-brainer. And the importance of implementing it is becoming increasingly obvious. George Barna statistics show that kids set their theological beliefs before they celebrate their 13th birthday. They also show that 80-85 percent of youth raised in Christian homes leave the church within a year of graduating from high school. Approximately 91 percent say they don’t believe in absolute truth. Josh McDowell says this Christian generation is the last unless something changes, and I agree.

Today’s kids are making poor choices and paying the consequences. Reversing this problem won’t happen by stressing rules about how a Christian should or should not behave. The real solution to this problem lies in our children becoming disciples of Christ, and that happens when they begin to understand what He’s like.

How does that happen? The lessons begin at home when we, as parents, model His love and other qualities such as patience, truth, and faithfulness. They continue as we show our children the Scriptures that teach the truth about His character, and as we tell them real-life stories that show how we and other believers have experienced Him. From an early age we need to guide them to a correct response to Him. That’s when we’ll see a change.

“Our young people’s distorted views and unchanged lives will continue until they experience a true revelation of Christ for who he really is,” says Josh McDowell. Again, I agree. And I pray that God will grant us, as parents, an ever-growing revelation of who He is so we can fulfill our role most effectively.

Grace Fox is the author of the popular devotional books 10-Minute Time Outs for Moms and 10-Minute Time Outs for Busy Women (Harvest House Publishers). Her new release, 10-Minute Time Outs for You and Your Kids, is a great resource for parents to encourage their children’s spiritual development. Each devotional answers the questions “What is God like?” and “How does He want us to live?” Check her website for a sample devotional and the endorsements: Visit her new blog, “Women of Influence” at  

Originally published on Pioneer Parenting, February 13, 2007.




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