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Miracle of War – Global Prayer Shields Israel
Residents of Israel claim there is a correlation between heightened prayer by God's people around the world and the failure of the attacks against Israeli communities.

To view a video format, visit Acts News Network. This text is a transcript of the video.

First the warning, then the rapid evacuation to the nearest bomb shelter and then the slow process of picking up the pieces and rebuilding after yet another hit by an incoming Hamas Grad rocket. Shockingly, for many living in Israeli communities surrounding Gaza, this is becoming a way of life.

"I [was] worried since Saturday morning … because it's scary," commented Dr. Smadar Noy, a local resident.

As the latest rocket rains down on the coastal town of Ashkelon, thankfully there are no injuries again this time.

Much of the media coverage in this region focuses on suffering and destruction, but relatively little attention is given to the not insignificant number of "near misses" - stories of miracles that take place when enemy fire fails to hit its mark.

For example - despite the daily barrage of Katyusha rockets shot from Southern Lebanon in the summer of 2006 during the Second Lebanon War, the number of casualties and injuries in Israel was considered disproportionately low.

Qiryat Bialik was no exception. This town situated 12 kilometers north of Haifa was hit by as many as 13 Katyushas, in the end, with not a single loss of life.

"The rocket hit here … there were a few of the cars all around here, all of them destroyed completely," commented Dr. Rafael Wertheim, the Mayor of Qiryat Bialik, as he surveyed the scene of a rocket attack. "The apartments here round where all the glasses were broken down. Some of the entrance doors, some of the equipment here were destroyed. Everything was down. But the people - nobody was hurt here. One person was slightly hit by a piece of glass, that's all."

Qiryat Shmona, one of Israel's northernmost towns was by far the hardest hit during the Second Lebanon War. Situated only four kilometers away from the Lebanese border, this population of 22,000 was an easy target for Hezbollah's rockets.

"[There were] more than thousand Katyushas here," observed Qiryat Shmona resident Tammy Peretz. "There were no casualties. There were three people that were injured."

Direct hits by over one thousand Katyusha rockets and not a single loss of life. That would appear to be nothing short of a miracle.

Yonatan Freedman, director of the Jewish Agency's Tzahal 9 Absorption Center situated in the picturesque hills of northern Israel, witnessed first-hand what he believed to be "divine intervention" when a Katyusha blasted through his office. At that precise moment his work space, normally buzzing with activity, was devoid of a single worker.

"To tell you more miracles and things like that," stated Freedman. "Two of my workers walked out of this office a minute before the Katyusha hit. Nobody got hit."

Every single Ethiopian immigrant residing at Tzahal 9 Absorption Centre, adults and children alike, were spared.

All told, in 34 days of war, approximately 4,000 rockets were fired into Israel. Every life lost was a serious tragedy. However, the extent of injuries and casualties, numbering 43 civilian deaths in all, was to many low considering the intensity of the assault.

Why were so many of the attacks unsuccessful?

"...Here in Israel, it's almost like we sense when people throughout the world...kick in and start really praying for Israel," explained Rick Ridings, Director of Succat Hallel, a 24/7 house of prayer based in Jerusalem. "At a certain point there seemed to be a shifting away from the fear that had begun to grip the people. Fears that this was going to escalate into a very destructive war. There were a lot of fears at that point that Syria was going to join in with chemical warfare. And it could very well have happened."

Is there a correlation between heightened prayer by God's people around the world and the lack of success of the attacks?

"I think it's very important for us to realize the power of our prayers as things heat up right now," remarked Ridings. "It's at a point again where it could explode into a huge situation. And I think sometimes it helps if we picture Satan's purposes almost like he's launched a rocket which is coming with his purposes and plans to make a major conflict at this particular time. And that our prayers come up like another type of rocket that protects and that intercepts that rocket and stops his plans. And it seems clear to me that in the scriptures that believers who pray in faith can intercept and even cut off the plans of the enemy."

Remarkably, as the barrage of Katyushas struck Israel during the summer of 2006, 5,000 Canadians gathered on the steps of Canada's Parliament in Ottawa for a youth-initiated prayer gathering known as The CRY.

Faytene Kryskow, Director of MY Canada led the crowd in prayer, stating “We pray for the peace of Israel. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We commit to praying for the peace of Jerusalem."

Since then, people around the world continue to recognize the importance of praying for Israel. 70,000 voices strong rang out prayers for Israel at The Call, a stadium-sized prayer gathering held in Nashville, Tennessee in July 2007.

"Right now would you begin to be that [Biblical] Ruth that's friends with Israel, and you begin to say 'I turn my heart to pray for Israel!'" exclaimed Lou Engle, Founder of The Call as he addressed the masses of youth.

According to Rick Ridings, prayers such as these continue to have an impact. "I think in the same way today we need to be aware that our prayers really do release angelic armies into action,” explained Ridings. "They do affect what is happening in the heavenlies, so it's an exciting thing. There are no limitations in prayer because it is a spiritual thing. We can pray right now and it can be having an effect 3,000 miles away."

Originally posted on The Acts News Network, March 2008.




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