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Easter's Real Meaning
When grief and pain overcome our hearts, Easter is the answer.

A chocolate SpongeBob SquarePants and dozens of his calorie-laden clones stare at me from their perch on the grocery store shelves. Beside them sit chocolate football players, racing cars, and soccer balls. Then come chocolate hedgehogs, chicks, cats, dogs with briefcases in their mouths, and of course, bunnies. A nearby display holds Styrofoam cartons filled with life-sized pastel-colored plastic eggs, and spindly 15-inch tall trees with ornamental eggs hanging from their branches.

With Easter only a few weeks away, society bombards us with its view of the celebration. And what a shallow view it is. Don't get me wrong – our family has enjoyed Easter egg hunts over the years, and chocolate is one of my favorite vegetables (it comes from beans, right?). But Easter represents far more than candy who-knows-what.

Easter represents hope in the face of despair. It represents joy in the face of sorrow. And it represents victory in the face of overwhelming odds. I've been a Jesus-follower for 40 years and have heard these truths many times over, but this year they're taking on new meaning.

As I write this, my 83-year-old father lies motionless in an extended care facility. His body is bone weary from battling cancer and several other ailments. His face is as white as the sheets beneath him, his eyes dim. Muttering a few words saps his strength, and taking a few sips of juice leaves him exhausted.

I grieve for Dad's circumstances and for our family's imminent loss. But in the midst of sorrow, I have hope because Jesus Christ rose from the dead (see Luke 24:6)! The tombstone couldn't restrain Him! The grave couldn't hold Him! That's amazing stuff, and that's what Easter is all about.

In the midst of pain, I have the assurance that, because my father trusted in Christ for salvation, the grave will not hold him either. Rather, it will be a stepping stone to heaven where a major homecoming celebration awaits.

Society's view of Easter is shallow indeed, but the real meaning of Easter floods me with a comfort that all the chocolate in the world could never provide. I pray that it will do the same for you, my friend. No matter what you're facing, remember that Christ conquered death. His resurrection power is at work in you and on your behalf.

Be hopeful. Be joyful. Be victorious.

Grace Fox lives in on the west coast of B.C. where her husband is the program director at a christian camp. A mother of three children, Grace has chronicles her journey of trust in three devotional books entitled 10-Minute Time Outs for Momsand 10-Minute Time Outs for Busy Women, and 10-Minute Time Outs for You & Your Kids, and also her latest, Moving From Fear to Freedom. Her website is:


Originally published on Grace Fox’s website, March 2008.

Used with permission.  Copyright © 2008




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