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Our Fountain of Youth
Whether we’re young or old, God cares about what is happening in our lives, and particularly in our hearts.

As we get older we all like to try to find ways that will help us stay young.      

George McEachern

Being the skeptic that I can be at times, I didn’t want to waste $20 on Suzanne Sommers’ latest book and fad, Ageless. No need to! My wife Joyce and I found our fountain of youth last September when we decided to connect with some fine and loveable teenagers. And we found them right in the midst of our church family at Alderwood United Church in Mississauga, Ontario.

We enjoy planning monthly youth events that bring the Alderwood youth together just to hang out and have some fun with their church friends beyond Sundays. Of course, we couldn’t do it without the help of others in the congregation. We have been zapped at Laser Quest, learned to stay clear of the mosh pit at the youth Change Concert at Queensway Cathedral, blessed some of Toronto’s homeless with Christmas gifts, rapped with the Toronto Raptors, spent time on the movie set of Alderwood’s Amazing Race and became a first-time video gamer after a night of Wii.

We have found the kids to be so gracious in letting us grey heads hang out with them. They are a real good group of kids and we can see a hunger within them to live a righteous life before God.

Now back to that fountain of youth. It’s comforting to know our Lord is more concerned about what is happening on the inside of us than the wrinkles on the outside. This is precisely the message we like to share with the youth as well. God cares about what is happening in their lives, particularly their heart.

We have never found the teens at a loss for words when we spend time with them in Sunday School. Their honesty, intelligence and maturity are not only refreshing but offer great hope to us. There clearly are some significant leaders within our midst. Continue to pray that we can listen and care for the needs of all teens in the midst of their challenging years.

The beautiful thing is that as we encourage and speak into these young lives; Joyce and I are much less concerned about being empty-nesters.

George MacEachern is vice-president of media for Crossroads Christian Communications Inc., producers of the 100 Huntley Street TV program. He is married, with two daughters.

Originally published in Fellowship Magazine, September 2007.




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