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It Was All about Trust
“Cancer! I never thought I would hear that word used in reference to me.”

Often one could hear my sisters fondly say, "If you go to visit Donna, take your own junk food because she doesn't have any." As a former registered nurse, I had always endeavoured to take good care of myself; particularly including healthy food choices. And so when I was given the dreadful news, I was stunned. After having a routine mammogram and a subsequent ultrasound, I was told that a malignant lesion showed in my left breast. Cancer! I never thought that I would hear that word used in reference to me.

At the time my husband, a pastor, was serving as an interim pastor in a city four hours away from our home. I needed to talk to him. Finally I reached him on his cell. He was in his car and I told him to pull over to the side of the road because I had something to tell him. When I shared the diagnosis with him, his first response was, "We will pray and we will trust God!"

That night I went to bed alone and with no fear. I had read the Scriptures since my youth and my mind was full of Scriptural promises.

The greatest enemy in a battle like I was facing is fear! Fear torments and brings a negative flow of emotion. The reverse is also true. Faith brings a positive flow and faith can only come from God's Word.

My doctor sent me to a surgeon who wanted to operate immediately, but I needed to know what would be the right decision for me. I knew fear could push a person into making a hasty decision and I couldn’t do that. I needed to have a clear sense of peace that I could go safely through the experience of surgery and subsequent radiation. It would be two months before I could make my decision.

Each day I continued to work, fulfilling my commitments as the district director of women's ministries for our denomination. Although I was exhausted at the end of the day, each evening I settled into the recliner and listened to the Bible on CD.

The knowledge that I was responsible for an upcoming conference that would see 1200-1500 women coming together for a weekend seemed daunting. However through my daily devotions I overcame the temptation to relinquish my role. As the weekend came and passed, I witnessed God's abundant grace at work.

Many advised me that I was waiting too long to make my decision. Still God remained so faithful. He gave me the peace and assurance I needed, was waiting for, and sought. Now prepared to follow His wishes, I came through the surgery without complication. I continued to go to the office each day even during the radiation and managed through the next few months of treatment.

It had now been five years since all this happened, and the annual testing continues to yield a good report. God is faithful.  Trusting Him is a choice I have made in my life. I encourage you too – in all your trials, trust in Him.

Originally published in Off the Fence, September, 2008.




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