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Folk Musician Makes Many Friends
Karla Adolphe’s aim is to become established in the music community but also to love the artists and the audience.

In just two years as a professional musician, 26-year-old Karla Adolphe has achieved enviable accomplishments on the folk music circuit. But she insists her success is merely a byproduct of what she's really aiming to do—show people God's love.

Karla Adolphe

Through their band "Jacob and Lily," Adolphe and drummer Caleb Friesen are making their way in the music industry. Their album, The Cathedral, has played nationally on CBC radio and sold more than 1,400 CDs in the past six months. Accompanied by Adolphe's husband Gary, she and Friesen have been performing at cafes, bars, folk festivals and university campuses across North America.

Adolphe's music is primarily mainstream dotted with worship songs that she plays without apology in any venue. But more important than each performance is what happens after the show when Adolphe and Friesen mingle with fellow musicians. It all breaks down to the simple Christ-centred philosophy of loving your neighbour.

"The definition of success for me is having a conversation with someone," Adolphe says. "It's knowing I can respond to the people God has given me to love. I can route my life around the people God puts in it."

Whether she is writing, singing or simply having coffee with someone, Adolphe sees herself as an initiator. She tries to engage a meaningful conversation and "cast seed" wherever she goes. She focuses on being kind and treating her fellow musicians with respect – a welcome change in a competitive industry where aggressive self-promotion often undermines true friendship.

"We aim to establish ourselves in the music community but also to love the artists and the audience. It's such a great business model because you're making friends," Adolphe says.

Jacob and Lily was launched after Adolphe and Friesen merged their musical careers following eight months of touring together in support of Adolphe's debut album, Come Home. They first played together three years ago, discovering their "musical chemistry" at Winnipeg's Gateway Christian Community Church.

"She hired me for a couple of shows which progressed to recording her album," Friesen explains. "Karla is a pioneer with an ability to draw out the potential in person and envision things way before they happen."

Neither Adolphe nor Friesen anticipated the level of success they would share as musicians. "We don't have a lot of outside pressure; it's just serving the Lord," Adolphe says.

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Originally published in Surge, Fall 2007.

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