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Mainstream Schools Archive - 2007


Toronto to Test Later-Starting School Day
The Toronto District School Board is poised to become the first in Canada to experiment with a later start to the school day to accommodate teenagers’ natural need for more sleep

University Gender Gap Examined
The changing face of family may be one of the reasons why girls now outnumber boys at university.

A Voice from the Past
A voice from the past offers an “expert” opinion on today’s school system.

High School Social Justice Course 'Propaganda,' Say Critics
Critics say if the course is to address issues such as homosexuality, the material should be presented in an impartial manner, showing the pros and cons of that lifestyle.

Business, Balance, and Learning to Live
As a 12-year-old, he made a life-changing decision about life's priorities. It became a foundation his life.

Finding Your Coffee Community
The need for companionship is so easily met by a coffee shop.

The Importance of Dressing Well
Habits we form during the college years can become lasting character traits that represent us for the rest of our lives. This can even be true of how we dress.

Do I Take a Gap Year?
Here are some important factors to consider before you decide whether to take a year off school or continue to university after highschool.

Listening for a Calm Voice in the Midst of Violence
Schools can be unpredictably dangerous places, but students must still go to school. They still want to go to school. Here is a glimpse into what they think and how they cope.

Courses Expose Youth to Godly Worldview
Christian Youth Worldview and Leadership is holding summer camp for high school grads to fortify their faith before they are exposed to a secular post-secondary environment.

Navigating the College Transition
All students must ask themselves four crucial questions. If they don't, they run the risk of permitting others to shape their lives and answer the questions for them.

Evolutionist Raises Creationism Fears
The Toronto Star reported, that God-centred instruction on the origins of life is "creeping into this country's public school science classes and it's up to parents to do something about it."

Making Friends for Life
"I want to be tangled up … in the thorns of love … " College is an ideal time in people's lives to learn how to navigate life—entanglements and all.

Fear a Factor Among School Dropouts
Fear for personal safety is one reason some Alberta teenagers decide to drop out of school, the Edmonton Sun reported last week.

Learning to Love Good Books
"It may seem nearly counter-cultural on some campuses to affirm that printed words still matter—deeply matter—and to stand by them in this media-drenched age."

Asking Big Questions
Any attentive, thoughtful young adult will be confronted with big questions in life. Here are some important ones to consider during the college years.

Teens Urged to Admit They Are Gay
Schools in Prince Edward Island are being asked to offer programs aimed at helping the supposed ten percent of gay or lesbian students to "come out of the closet."

University Free Speech, Ivory Towers and the New Sectarianism
The free enquiry of higher education in the West is under serious threat.

B.C. School Districts Evade Parental Rights Concerns
Will parents be able to pull children out of classes that expose them to teaching contrary to the family's faith? Half of B.C.'s school boards have not yet responded.

Why Can't We Talk About Baby Jesus?
For two years a Toronto mother confronted school authorities to keep Christ and Christmas in the classroom. Here's her story!

A Few Suggestions for a Christian Student at a Secular University
Here's how to give your secular university education additional breadth and depth.




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