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Leadership Articles - 2007


Time and Information Technology in Ministry 
Reliable Information Technology equipment and IT support are critical to using people's time, and the organization’s money, wisely in any ministry.

From Sermons to Sound Bites
How shifting demographics and fundamental changes in our attention spans are requiring pastors to find new ways to engage the congregation in their sermons.

”Belonging” Made Easier
Why do many believing Christians have difficulty belonging to churches? Could it be because both have expectations of each other that are difficult to meet?

A Rose by Any Other Name
A church’s name can suggest its theology and be a means of connecting with the community.

How to Transition a Church
How did Central church go from 400 to 1,200 in attendance in six years? They used a principle their pastor, Darin Latham, learned as a teen the day he discovered he had acne.

Thoughts and Concerns about Emerging Ideas
A conversation about emerging church ideas: Do they achieve what they hope to, or purport to achieve?

Conference to Focus on Dealing with New Communication Challenges
How can Church leaders make most effective use of the challenging world of Cyberspace in their communications? A CMU conference addresses that question this fall.

God at Work in Denominations: Vision Ministries Canada
Church leaders are busily focused on their own congregations and communities. Why should they sacrifice time to participate in the efforts of a larger network of churches?

The Church and the Care of the Mentally Ill
Mission and ministry are the responsibility of all believers even when it comes to mental health issues. Christians have a special calling in this area.

God Doing His Thing
Evangelism, discipleship, and the church are God's thing. He invites us, calls us, and gifts us to be a part of it. Two basic truths accompany this concept.

Presbyterians Elect Evangelical Moderator
Evangelicals within the Presbyterian Church in Canada are encouraged with the election of a local evangelical pastor as their new moderator.

Summit to Help Faith Groups Respond to Pandemic
Are Canadian faith groups ready for a flu pandemic? CMU is co-sponsoring a June 20-23, 2007 event with the International Centre for Infectious Diseases to find out.

Women in Church Leadership
Based on Scripture, a denomination undertakes the challenging task of determining whether they should ordain women as pastors and elders in their churches.

The 'Generations Thesis': What's a Church Supposed to Do?
It is challenging to have everyone happy in church when four or five age groups coexist within each congregation. Can we learn to appreciate each other?

There's Hope Yet for Churches
Family life of Canadians has changed, but people's commitment to religion remains strong, sociologist says.

Are We An Emerging Church?
Are there shifts occurring in your church toward an Emerging Church profile? What is that profile, and what are the benefits and pitfalls of embracing it?

What Are We About?
What is the purpose of the church? While some wrong answers are obvious, others are not. There really is only one purpose.

Intercultural Tensions in the Church
When "no" means "yes" and "yes" means "no."

How to Prevent Death by Sermon
If you want exciting worship, turn off your "brain secretary" and balance tradition with the unexpected.

Church Leaders Under Spotlight for Alleged Improprieties
In response to complaints of church members, the Toronto Star published an article criticizing the spending habits of a large Toronto church. The church's pastor plans to respond.

Wounded Healers
We must not wait to become perfect before we help others. We can help them as fellow sufferers, but also with a strong and clear sense of our limitations.

An Anglican Future Made in Africa
The north to south shift in the centre of Christianity just made its first global impact. The Anglican Church is reasserting the centrality of sin, mercy, healing, salvation and liberation.

Is Our Future Evangelical?
There is more power in two streams that have merged as a river. From a Mennonite perspective, denominational differences are our strengths. They need not be a source of division.




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