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Christian Higher Education Archive - 2007


Four Manitoba Schools Join to Promote Christian Higher Education 
A new campaign encourages students from outside Manitoba to consider studying at one of Manitoba’s four Christian schools of higher education.

Faithful and Fruitless in Ontario: Status Quo in Education Policy 
Rather than bringing Ontarians of different educational perspectives together in debate on how to improve education, the October 2007 election has driven them apart.

Christians Need to Re-Think Story of Salvation 
If Christians are to reach people in other cultures successfully, they should rethink the way they present the Gospel message.

Heaven’s Kitchen 
At The Salvation Army’s Cascade Culinary Arts School in Abbotsford, British Columbia, the secret ingredient is God.

Canadian Sailing Ministry Brings Youth to the Sea
Every year about 2,000 young people experience spiritual growth and all aspects of shipboard life aboard the Sail and Life Training Society’s tall ships.

A Model for Worship? 
Contemporary worship seldom approaches the communal excitement of sports.

Crowding Around: The Real Value of Spectator Sports 
It’s about appreciating gifts of all kinds, celebrating hard work, and enjoying ecstatic community.

ABC Shines During Diamond Anniversary 
ABC has found its niche. A Bible College begun by two women who desired to serve indigenous leaders, it celebrated its 75th anniversary this past August.

Christian Colleges Unite and Respond to Study
Most Canadians don't know what 'Christian higher education' is, but would be willing to consider a Christian college or university when choosing a post-secondary institution.

With a Mind to the Future 
They say it takes 25 years for an institution of higher learning to establish its reputation. Redeemer University College has reached that benchmark.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
At least at Trinity Western University! TWU is planning a Spirit of Christmas event that will draw thousands from the Fraser Valley area.

Learning God's Ways
Something unique is taking place in a downtown Ottawa mansion. The National Post reports that here "the sharpest edge of intellectual evangelical Christianity.has set up shop."

Finding Our Way to Great Work: Choosing a Major... and a Vocation 
Choosing a major is an important, but sometimes stressful, decision. It isn't final. You can change or refine your major along the way.

Dr. Earl Davey Named Vice-President Academic at CMU 
Davey, formerly vice president academic at Tyndale in Toronto, will begin his new assignment in 2008.

Mission Commission
Bible colleges can provide the proper grounding and skills you'll need to share God's message of love with the world.

New Name, New Campus
A new campus will serve as a new location for Ambrose University College, the official Canadian school of both the Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Church of the Nazarene.

Business, Balance, and Learning to Live
As a 12-year-old, he made a life-changing decision about life's priorities. It became a foundation his life.

CMU Professor Gets Grant to Study 1918 Flu Pandemic
Biologist wants to "produce something that might help the faith community in Canada today as it faces the challenge of preparing for another potential pandemic."

Finding Your Coffee Community
The need for companionship is so easily met by a coffee shop.

The Importance of Dressing Well
Habits we form during the college years can become lasting character traits that represent us for the rest of our lives. This can even be true of how we dress.

Learning with Friends
Learning takes place in an atmosphere of friendship. Author Esther Lightcap Meek looks philosophically at the relationship between a student, the teacher, and the subject matter.

From Phytoplasms to Flaming Heads
Trinity Western University (TWU) is reaching out to its community. A TWU program equips elementary school students with a new love for the sciences.

Preparing for Leadership
Political science majors tended to move disproportionately into leadership positions. Here are some thoughts on how students can prepare for focused citizenship and leadership.

New MA Program in Theology Launched
The new program can be ideal for those who are "doing some mid-life re-focussing" and considering pastoral ministry.

Do I Take a Gap Year?
Here are some important factors to consider before you decide whether to take a year off school or continue to university after highschool.

What Will Your Kids Do This Summer?
For children attending Arts Camp at TWU, summer means an opportunity to learn some great things they wouldn't normally get to learn during the school year.

Summit to Help Faith Groups Respond to Pandemic
Are Canadian faith groups ready for a flu pandemic? CMU is co-sponsoring a June 20-23, 2007 event with the International Centre for Infectious Diseases to find out.

Providence College Confronts Gay Reality
Providence College and Seminary faced a significant challenge when a senior biblical and theological studies major publicly declared himself to be gay.

Flying High at Aviation Camp
Flight school offers young people a unique summer camp experience.

Government Approves Tyndale's Proposed Education Degree Program
Tyndale is now petitioning for accreditation of the BEd program, and anticipates the launch of the first BEd cohort in January 2008.

Streets of Mercy
A young man born and raised in Hong Kong, a student of theology and full-time ministry leader is now a paramedic in one of Canada's major cities.

Tension Between Science, Theology Explored at CMU Winter Lectures
Robert Russell tackles Big Bang, the evolution of life and the future of the universe.

Time to Recognize Value of Christian Education Options
Maclean's magazine did it again. It failed to include significant schools in its survey.

O Heaven, Where Art Thou?
Is heaven a physical place? Or is it a spiritual reality and a state of being? And what difference does it make anyway?

The Christian Higher Education Advantage
With more options available to students, Christian colleges and universities are becoming an increasingly popular choice among post-secondary bound students.

Homosexual Activists Consider Targeting Private Christian Schools for "Homophobia"
A homosexual publication has expressed an objection to values taught in Christian schools and wants the government to exert "more control" over curriculum and staff hiring.

Students Report to City Hall from Canada's Worst Postal Code
Research of a small group of Trinity Western University students might bring about solutions for poverty and homelessness in Vancouver's eastside.

Christian University Provides Forum for Muslims
Trinity Western University provided a forum for Muslims to explain their faith. The event included a tour of a mosque; a discussion, a lecture and a presentation by Shabir Ally.

Hannah Taylor of the Ladybug Foundation Speaks at CMU
The homeless are "great people, wrapped in old clothes with sad hearts,"11 year-old anti-homelessness activist tells Canadian Mennonite University students and staff.

Learning from History
The touchstone for history is not our history, but Christ's. We can make sense of the world not so much through the lens of our experience as through Christ's.

Learning to Love Good Books
"It may seem nearly counter-cultural on some campuses to affirm that printed words still matter—deeply matter—and to stand by them in this media-drenched age."

Oxford Scholar Managing PACE Program at Alberta Bible College
Short-term missions to China have had an abiding impact on the life and career of the new manager of Alberta Bible College's Professional Adult Career Education track.

CMU Helps Develop a Peace Studies Program in Israel
Mennonite Church Canada, and Canadian Mennonite University teamed up to help develop a new peace studies program at an Israeli Palestinian-run school.




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