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Christian Schools Archive - 2007


Parents Opt to Send Children to Private Schools
A recent survey indicates that parents are dissatisfied with the public school system, and are choosing to send children to Ontario’s private schools.

Christian Academy Separates from People's Church
One of Ontario’s largest private Christian schools is “growing up” by loosening its ties to the prominent evangelical church that founded it.

Schools Adapt to a Secular World
The outlook of Christian higher education has expanded from a Bible college perspective of winning souls for Christ to include a full range of academic disciplines.

Tough New Standards Keep Christian Schools Hopping
Eight Christian schools in Quebec report small but significant developments in their struggle for full recognition.

Controversy Clouds Closing of College
Allegations of spiritual and emotional abuse abound since Grenville Christian College closed its doors in late July 2007.

Conservative Leader John Tory: Evolution Must be Taught in Science Class; Creation only for Religion Classes
The Tory plan to provide public funding to faith-based schools is seen by some as the first step to forcing all private schools to absorb Ontario government's full secular curriculum.

Public Funding Proposed for Ontario Faith-based Schools
The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario announced this month that it will offer full funding to 'faith-based' elementary and secondary schools if it wins the October 10 provincial election.

Will Our Children Have Faith?
If we don't teach our children a holistic Gospel, they will end up with a watered down faith that promotes personal well-being and teaches them to be nice to one another.

Calgary School Board Rejects Alternative Christian Programs
The Calgary Board of Education said no to faith-based alternative programs in public schools three years ago and have done so once again.




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