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Mission in Canada - 2007


Focus on Campus Ministries 
Our nation’s campuses are largely unreached with the Gospel, and those of us doing the work believe that it’s time to take this challenge seriously.

Homelessness Can Be Ended, Vancouver Forum Told
Homeless people want nothing more than to return to living healthy, productive lives.

Five Facts about an Ordinary Extraordinary Guy 
David Smith provides a revealing profile about a downtown mission director.

Canada Is a Big Mission Field
Although 60 percent of Canadians believe in a Creator God, the Church needs to think more seriously about mission in Canada.

Canadian Sailing Ministry Brings Youth to the Sea 
Every year about 2,000 young people experience spiritual growth and all aspects of shipboard life aboard the Sail and Life Training Society’s tall ships.

Community Spirit 
When fire struck a Toronto neighbourhood, members of The Warehouse leapt into action.

Why Do People Live on the Street?
The real reasons have little to do with new-found romanticized freedom or lack of motivation.

Blanket Project Brings Healing and Comfort to Women in Prison
A unique outreach gives inmates an opportunity to develop relationships and work toward reintegration into society.

Native Suicide: A Challenge to the Church
Canada's First Nations leaders help us understand why Native suicide can be one of the highest in the world and how the Church can respond.

New Way to Fight Hunger
A pilot project aims to bring volunteers and the poor together to look for solutions beyond food banks.

The Calling of the Church on Poverty: Charity, Justice and Solidarity
People of faith need to do more to address poverty in our communities. For example, we should support actions led by low-income people themselves.

Worthy of Respect: The Mark of Great Nations and Their Leaders
Compassion is not enough! It is time for Christian leaders to move beyond compassion and commit themselves to justice.

Homeless Numbers Rising Dramatically, Say Mission Workers
Yonge Street Mission had 142,000 clients last year, and saw an "unheard of" increase of 30 percent in the number of clients registered for Christmas.

Japanese Baptist Pastor Headed to Vancouver to Start Churches
A Texas pastor plans to send a mission team to Vancouver to share the Gospel with Japanese residents, help equip church leaders, start new churches, and work on college campuses.

The Red Badge of Faithfulness
Children's ministries, Awana and Child Evangelism Fellowship are partnering to help churches reach children—the church's most fruitful mission field.

Neo-Pentecostalism Embraced by Cree Community
A University of Alberta student has observed integration of evangelicalism among the Cree who say that the God of the Bible is the same God their ancestors worshiped.




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