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God Makes a Difference Archive - 2007


What Does Christmas Mean To Newcomers To Canada? 
Tree? Turkey? Carolling? Immigrants want to experience the traditions of Christmas with friends in the context of the Church.

Left for Dead 
Brutally attacked on a desolate highway in northern British Columbia, cab driver Marlene Swift thought she’d never see another day.

Antiques Road Show 
When the gang of 1967 got together again in 2007, one of Phil Callaway’s best memories was Dan’s story.

Murdered Women Not Wastes of Human Beings
A former sex trade worker who once worked in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, counted some of Robert Picton’s murder victims among her friends.

Converted Heavyweight 
He was the King of the Ring until he faced Muhammad Ali and lost.  But George Foreman says it’s the best thing that could have happened to him.

In the midst of devastation and loss, a most amazing thing happened. A joy they didn’t anticipate suddenly filled them.

An Audience of One
God speaks to ordinary people.  When Will Currie talked to God, God answered.  It changed his life.

Riding High 
Wiley Petersen’s faith in God keeps him firmly in the saddle.

Kim Phuc – A Picture of Peace
Why me? Why did I live? Ten years after napalm scorched her body the answer changed her life.

From Splinters to Splendour
The change was dramatic for this young Thai man when he discovered the One who could not only help him make a living, but could also give him life.

What Not to Wear
A wardrobe can make a woman beautiful, but for many women “wardrobe language” has become a means of achieving the acceptance they need.

No Ordinary Musician
Caprina Wiebe's contribution to her church worship team and to the local dance studio as a pianist is anything but ordinary.

The Secret of Success
Fame and fortune were his. Kirk Cameron was at the top of the success ladder at age 18. When he thought there was nowhere else to go, he discovered a higher calling.

God Snuck In
"Self-reliant and successful, I thought I had no use for Jesus. But then … "

Faith of Our Fathers—There is a Lesson for Us
We of the older generations do our children (and grandchildren) a great disservice by not recounting to them how things used to be.

On the Open Road with God
Jake Froese—also known as Preacher Man—challenges trucker stereotypes.

High Impact
While hulking men with rippling muscles bend frying pans, twist steel bars and shred telephone directories, young people receive Christ as Saviour.

Crash Course in Faith
When it looked to Tina as if her life was finally coming together, her most arduous test of faith came. She not only survived, but gives God glory today for His intervention.

Walkin' with the Best
Disillusioned with life, he turned to drugs and sold narcotics for 38 years, until God unexpectedly apprehended him.

Falling in Love with Jesus
If it wasn't for God's people, His miracles sometimes wouldn't happen. Here is the story of Tanya who once was so lost, but now is saved, healed and delivered.

Driven to Share the Gospel
A seasoned stockcar driver balances his love for the sport and his love for God.

Addictions: Roots and Recovery
The less we need the world to satisfy our desires and cravings, the more we desire leaders under the age of 35. Those selected will be recognized and encouraged in their ministries.

Epiphany at the Checkout
No one said living the good life was easy. When you know what's right to do, you have to do it.

Long Battle with Anxiety Ended in Closeness to God
Fear and its relatives of hopelessness, joylessness, loneliness and dread had trapped her in a dark tunnel with no way out—until she learned she didn't have to battle them alone.

In God They Trust
Mike Fisher is one of many NHL players who look to the Bible to help guide them.

Leap of Faith
After years of living in darkness, Tracy Haluk decided to let God be her lamp.

Collins: Why This Scientist Believes in God [no longer available]
Francis S. Collins, director of the Human Genome Project believes faith in Christ is compatible with science.

Testimony: Jonathan Cheechoo—'It's all God's doing'
Jonathan Cheechoo, a prominent Canadian aboriginal player, led the San Jose Sharks in scoring goals. Faith played a significant role in his career, he says.

Giving the Devil His Due
Every generation needs to wake up to the spiritual battle we are in and learn how to find victory in Christ.

Defeating the Real Enemy After 11 Years of Anorexia
Anorexia almost ended her life, but this is a story of God's goodness, faithfulness and ability to heal.

Sportscaster Announces Divine Intervention
For 40 years of sports broadcasting Pat Summerall commanded the airwaves, and at the same time, lost control of his life. In his book he reflects on life and its ultimate meaning.

Losing Control
The truth is that whatever control we think we have over our lives is merely illusory.

Murder and a Journey of Faith
Murder is the ultimate crime against the victim and the family. No one should have to face such a horror, but this family is thankful they didn't have to face it alone.

When an impaired driver hit the motorcycle he and a friend were riding, it flew into a chain-link fence post. His friend escaped with minor injuries, but he wasn't so lucky.

Grandma Tripp
Kindness is a gift that some people share so easily, and in so doing they warm up people's hearts, families, space, and time.

Comic Relief
Kevin Frank's new cartoon strip, Heaven's Love Thrift Shop, is a heartfelt homage to Christian thrift stores.

True Love Costs
Human relationships are complex. We want to be loved, but the more we search for intimacy, the more it seems to escape us. Why? There is a reason.

A Mother's Shocking Secret
After receiving a mysterious photo, Shelley Howard discovered a family she never knew existed.

Blessings vs. Curses: What is the Christian Response?
The resurrection of Jesus reversed the curse and made Him the channel of God's blessings to us.

Blind Faith
Disfigured by a brutal suicide bombing in Lebanon, how would the woman find the strength to carry on?

Liz Curtis Higgs: Bad Girl Turns Good
She was in a pit and couldn't climb out—until God lent a hand.

Miramichi Seed Sprouts in the Yukon
The question stayed with her all her life-is God real? A trip to the Yukon and a harrowing experience rekindled the words of a missionary from her childhood and changed her heart.




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