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An Encounter with the “Prince of Peace”
His peace was so powerful it could calm the most turbulent storms of life, even a distraught baby.

There was no escaping the incessant cries that could be heard loudly throughout the house from the crib. Nothing could adequately pacify the infant who clearly vocalized her distress. And although motherhood was a brand new role for Sandra Bates, she instinctively knew this was not a normal plea for attention. Something was wrong, and it was time to seek help.

Sandra Bates is grateful that 100 Huntley Street introduced her to Jesus.

In an exasperated state, Sandra bundled up baby Charlsie and drove several hours from their rural home in order to get to a doctor. After a thorough examination and a gamut of tests, no obvious physical abnormalities were detected. Sandra felt both relieved and yet still perplexed.

What then could be ailing her child? she questioned the practitioner. To her surprise, he announced, "Separation anxiety." Suddenly, it all began to make sense. Whenever Sandra left the room, Charlsie would begin crying frantically, and continued to do so until she became almost hysterical. The only remedy, the doctor explained, was to lovingly reassure her and to remain patient until the stage eventually passed.

In the meantime, Sandra felt emotionally and physically exhausted from vain attempts to comfort Charlsie enough to complete household tasks or get some needed rest herself. It seemed pointless to even attempt simple chores because every time Sandra turned her back, the upsetting pattern would commence all over again.

While sitting in the family room one morning with Charlsie in her arms, Sandra gazed over at the TV set. For some strange reason, waves of peace and hope came over her.

Then, like a flash of lightening, an idea came to her mind. Perhaps the sounds and colourful movement of television would distract Charlsie, Sandra reasoned. At this stage, anything was worth a try.

"In desperation I decided that just maybe it would occupy Charlsie long enough for me to do the dishes," Sandra recalls. "Living in a remote area at the time, I only had two channels to choose from. So I set her baby chair in front of the television. Of course, she started crying because I was standing behind her. I tried one channel, and there was a children's show. But she continued to cry. After a minute or two, I switched to the second channel. 100 Huntley Street was on. That four-month-old baby almost immediately stopped crying!"

For the entire duration of the program, Charlsie remained calm and quiet. Sandra was overjoyed at the response. It seemed almost too good to be true! But would it have the same effect the next day, or even the day after that? As Sandra stood over the kitchen sink with her hands immersed in warm sudsy water, she didn't want such thoughts to detract from the sheer joy of the moment. Instead, she chose to focus on the prospect of enjoying this cherished moment of tranquility.

The following morning, Sandra felt surprisingly hopeful once again. And sure enough, her expectation was met without disappointment. Charlsie sat contentedly as the 100 Huntley Street broadcast came into their home and, as a matter of fact, into their lives. Sandra began to pay close attention to host David Mainse as he taught the Word of God with great conviction and meaning.

"Needless to say," she states, "it became a daily ritual to turn on 100 Huntley Street. During those days, praise God, I found what I was always looking for—a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!"

Sandra finally discovered what it was like to have a personal encounter with the "Prince of Peace" Himself. She proved throughout the years that His peace was so powerful it could calm the most turbulent storms of life, even while she was caring for her second child Kayla who was colicky from birth, and then later when she faced with the challenges of being a single mother.

"If it was not for the ongoing ministry of 100 Huntley Street," she adds, "I would have been sidetracked. It really made a big difference by strengthening my faith and encouraging my spiritual growth."

Daughters Charlsie and Kayla, now at the ages of nine and six, have also greatly benefited from the ministry Crossroads has provided in their home. Both the girls have made decisions to accept Jesus as their Saviour and are exuberant witnesses for Him!

In gratefulness of all the Lord has done in their lives through the ministry, Sandra concludes by saying, "My heart aches to be in a better position financially so I can give more to support Crossroads.... David Mainse and the entire 100 Huntley Street family will always have a special place in my heart.”

Karen Stowell is the publications editor for Crossroads,100 Huntley Street.

Originally published in Crossroads Compass, August 2000.




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