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Church Life Archive - 2007


Church Challenges Members to Downscale Lifestyles
Teaching pastor Bruxy Cavey is urging The Meeting House members to downscale their lifestyles and free up time and money for ministry initiatives.

Sex in the Pews
A new generation is flippant and dangerously casual about sex, but, even more disturbing, completely ignorant of what it means to be women and men.

Calvary Worship Centre New Westminster, B.C.
Neighbourhood diversity means not only a variety of cultures, but also a range in professional and economic status.

Manners Lady, Canadian Leaders Promote National Manners Month
"Just imagine what Canada could look like if for one month we were intentional about focusing on manners, respect, integrity and thankfulness…" Judi Vankevich.

Modesty and the Church
Clothing is symbolic in everything we do. Clothing reflects your attitude, and the level of respect you are willing to accord the place and occasion you're attending.

Evangelicals Build with "Green" Technology
Several congregations and schools are setting examples of good stewardship by pushing for energy-conserving buildings. They find that caring about creation pays off financially.

Bullying in the Church
Church bullies use their power to intimidate people, to close off discussion and to force group decisions to their liking. We need ways of dealing assertively, yet pastorally with them.

Quebec's Largest Evangelical Church Launches New Association
Eglise Nouvelle Vie has launched a new association to respond to what leaders say is the beginning of a widespread renewal among French speaking countries.

'Evangelical' Label is Here to Stay, Says Prominent Christian Leader
The term "Evangelical" is increasingly taking on negative connotations but one conservative Evangelical reminds us what the term means.

Fierce Conversations: The Gateway to Loving Relationships
Our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time. Chances are that no matter your situation, you can probably trace it back to a key conversation that set things in motion.




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