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Spiritual Growth - 2007


There Are Two Kinds of Pain 
Medical school didn’t prepare this anaesthesiologist for what he encountered in his general practice with patients who visited his office.

Tempering Your Anger
Anger is a natural human emotion like happiness, sadness, and loneliness. How we deal with our anger is our choice and our responsibility.

God Wants Us to be More than Saved 
God can renew your heart and transform your mind. Do you want to be transformed?

Christ in Action! 
God won’t pass you by. He is willing to work through anyone who is willing to let Him.

Sabbath in the Summertime
Is true Sabbath rest possible in the midst of water-skiing, barbecues and camping trips? A challenge to us to rethink what vacation means.

Stunted Growth: Has the Church Neglected the Power of Transformation?
Often there is concern about the growth of the church population or its bank account. But what about the spiritual growth of the Body?

Guidance from God
Listen and you will hear. Could it really be that simple to receive direction from God?

The "Axe" of Mercy
The idea of discipline is not popular today. We want things the easy way. But in His might and wisdom, God prunes those He loves so they can be more fruitful.

Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Jesus implies that His disciples are to live "dangerously" and love "extravagantly"—outside the box, as it were. An uncommon love-life is our calling.

The Bold Task of Finding a Mentor
"Key people at key times have had significant, positive impact on my life."

Check Your Motives
God looks much deeper than the exterior. We must pay careful attention to the inner thoughts and attitudes of our hearts.

Pursuing Intimacy
We become like Jesus in the hidden place of deep intimacy with God, but the enemy crowds our lives with activity so we have no time or energy left to pursue Him.

Eight Days of Silence
To encourage a "meagre" prayer life, a pastor undertakes a silent retreat. "What craziness was I thinking?" he exclaims on the first day. He has seven more to go.

Temptation arrives at the door of our soul like an alluring visitor, but entertaining temptation leads to sin. Here are four things we can do to keep temptation out.

The Weapons of Our Warfare
We get a chance to use our weapons of spiritual warfare every day. Three are most important. All Christians should be familiar with them and accustomed to using them.

Blessings and Curses in Our Lives
Our past, and what our ancestors did, can influence our present. Here is what one believer discovered about breaking generational curses so God's blessings can flow.




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