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Christian Living Archive - 2007


Good News Deserves Telling 
Why be timid with good tidings of great joy?

Meeting the Messiah at the Outlet Mall
Driven, almost obsessed, Christmas shoppers rifle through bargains at the mall.  What would happen if they were exposed to great music like Handel’s Messiah while they shop?

Pills, Prayers and Priorities 
Keys to making good medical decisions in difficult situations.

Finding Rest: Lessons from the Sower
Work never ends, but when demands are greatest, it's time to step away and rest.

Behind the Plastic Curtain: Living Faithfully in a Consumerist Society
Compared to the rest of the world, Canadians are incredibly wealthy. Does it compromise our faith? What can we do to hold fast under an avalanche of material things?

The 'Abomination of Desolation' Found
Could it be? It's a building that sets itself up as an alternative worship space to the temple—the dwelling place of God. Do you think this writer is onto something?

When Faith Gets Practical
What's most important in life? A former Member of Parliament shares her faith.

Changing Your Style to Lose Weight
Those who have difficulty losing weight tend to follow a typical lifestyle pattern. It is possible to change eating patterns to counteract these tendencies.

Faith Through Compassion
There is nothing wrong with organizations, traditions, and institutions, but they are never held out by Jesus to be the way to God.

On Laughter
A serious observation: you can't do a funny essay on laughter.

Friendships Come In a Season but Last Forever
Long-standing friendships have a sense of the eternal about them. They go on, even when we do not.




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