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Canadian Authors Have What it Takes
Hats off to Canadian authors! On December 12th some of Mitchell’s bookstores are hosting their first Canadian Authors’ Day.

Key Writers Discover Christmas
For many people, Christmas feels like a time of chaos, commercialism and shallow sentimentality instead of the rich spirituality it's supposed to represent.

Lucado Takes a Closer Look at John 3:16 
In his new book, bestselling author Max Lucado examines the most famous verse in the Bible.

Canada's Christian Writers, Booksellers Face Tough Times
Canadian Christian bookstores are facing a challenge. With lots of retail competition and many buying books online, what’s the answer?

Why Church Matters: Worship, Ministry and Mission in Practice
Partaking in the Christian community is not just optional for believers. It is functionally essential.

Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors
Christians need to listen when followers of other faiths explain how they see the world.

Black Ice: A Novel
A story about people who are touched and changed by the tragic life and death of a teenage girl.

Poster Boy for Sin' Now Rebels by Following Christ
Alice Cooper "couldn't get further away from the church." Now he studies the Bible on a daily basis. His new book, Golf Monster (Crown), is an autobiography and a golfing manual.

Christian Assessment of Harper Balanced, Sympathetic
Supporters and critics would "benefit greatly" from reading Lloyd Mackey's book—a balanced and sympathetic introduction to Stephen Harper, says Dr. John Redekop.

The Power of Words
Our words have power. With our words we can bless or curse; build up or destroy. Learn how parents can pass on family blessings and a father's blessing to their children.

What Scandal? Whose Conscience?
Some reflections on Ronald Sider's Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience.

Hird's Words Garner Non-Fiction Award
Ed Hird combined his concern with Canadian youth culture, the conviction of his faith, personal stories, and his passion for Canadian history in Battle for the Soul of Canada.

Richard to the Rescue!
With a little planning, dinner couldn't be easier! Sandi Richard's discovery solved not only her own problem with dinner, but has blessed thousands through her TV program, Fixing Dinner.

Christian Books Still Dominate All-Time Best-Sellers Lists
A library special collections expert says the Bible is not the most printed or translated book in the English language.

The Devil Knows Us Well
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne echoes the Devil's sales pitch in the Bible so closely that even a hardened cynic might blink and wonder.

A Writer to Celebrate
Wiebe is one of Canada's most prolific and most esteemed writers. "When he sets words to image, Cornelius Krieghoff-like masterpieces emerge." The Gazette (Montreal)

The Spiritual Brain
Mario Beauregard and Denyse O'Leary's book, The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul, received a great review in Publisher's Weekly.

Off the Map
A compelling story of believers who learned the power and love of God during a Spirit-led five year journey across Canada.

Oh Come All Ye Unfaithful
Christopher Hitchens latest polemic that God does not and cannot exist poses no new threat to those of faith.

Politics Under God
Redekop appreciates the Anabaptist view that political order is distinct from the kingdom of God, but he rejects the idea that Christians should separate themselves from politics.

A Missionary Legacy
H.A. Baker's legacy lives on through his children and grandchildren, bringing the kingdom of God in power to the isolated, deprived and ill.

Pop Culture's Best-Kept Secret
The Secret, has a devoted following that shows no signs of diminishing. Many claim it has transformed their lives, but there has been a backlash.

Unmasking the Pagan Christ
A Christian response to the cosmic Christ idea expressed in Tom Harpur's, The Pagan Christ.

New 'Gospel' of Judas Book Depicts Betrayer as the Betrayed
The new fiction book makes a number of outrageous claims contrary to Scripture, but it hasn't drawn much criticism—likely because most scholars haven't heard of it.

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief
Through C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, a renowned scientist discovered, "all of my own constructs against the plausibility of faith were those of a schoolboy," and became a Christian.

The Ten Dumbest Things Christians Do
This book is honest and forthright concerning some objections to things Christians have considered acceptable, helpful or necessary for the cause of Christ.

Margaret Somerville's, The Ethical Imagination
The Ethical Imagination takes us "on an ethical wallaby"—a "rambling journey" that grapples with the natural and the spiritual dimensions of life and strives to weave them together.

Two Anglicans Have Important Tales to Tell
Both of these books focus on Canada, but they are grounded in B.C.—and have international implications.

America Alone: The End of the World as we Know It
Is the free West "sleepwalking into a trap of its own making while blissfully ignoring the many danger signs that are everywhere"?

How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?
We might be well-intentioned, but we're likely ill-prepared. This book should be in every church library and on the shelf of every Christian who wants to help others address their struggles.




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