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Social Issue News - 2007Archive

Christian Heritage Party Investigated for Writings about Homosexuality 
A hate motivation could not be farther from the truth, says the Heritage Party’s leader, Ron Gray.

Manitobans to Report Child Porn or Risk Jail Time
In Manitoba, it could soon be a crime to come across what looks like child pornography on the Internet and then do nothing about it, CBC News reported.

Euthanasia Seen as Health Care Solution
Pro-lifers are opposing an Ontario physician who is calling for a debate on whether the elderly in failing health should be allowed the right to “die with dignity.”

Let Marriage be Marriage
What is the one thing, which if changed, would help improve Canada?

World Vision Aims to End Child Poverty – In Canada
Canadians support needy children around the world, but World Vision is now asking what they can do about the 1.2 million children living in poverty in Canada.

Murder Renews Fetus Debate: Tragedy Renews Plea to Protect the Unborn
Canadians are "being ostriches with our head in the sand" by denying an unborn child the same rights and protections as any other person, says Dr. Margaret Somerville.

Rights of the Unconceived
As families change, more children will be conceived as 'genetic orphans' – we need to determine society's obligation to the children it helps bring into being.

Canadians Still Value Marriage
A new survey commissioned and reported by Canadian Press suggests many Canadians still attach great personal importance to marriage.

Marriage Matters to Kids
Census figures and other studies show that a marriage license has a lot of value, particularly for the well-being of children.

Our Bodies are Not Property
The case against commercializing the "donation" of sperm and ova.

Ultrasounds Used for Sex-Selected Abortion in Ethnic Canadian Communities
There is concern over ads published by two Punjabi-language newspapers clinics that encourage couples to discover the sex of their unborn baby.

British Columbia to Seek Supreme Court Opinion on Whether Polygamy is Constitutional
Before attempting to bring charges against the sect at Bountiful, B.C., that practices polygamy, the B.C. Attorney General is investigating what might happen in a future court decision.

Creating the Ethics of Synthetic Biology
We don't own life, life owns us—and our recently acquired ability to alter life itself is a huge responsibility.

Japanese Team May Have Found Stem Cell "Holy Grail"
Japanese researchers may have discovered a method of creating stem cells exactly matched to the patient without killing an embryonic human being.

Stem Cells and the Meaning of Life
When does human life begin? Different faith groups have different teachings. Below is a snapshot of views from five traditions.

Challenging the Hunger for Violence
The media has shaped our youth with storytelling and play tools that emulate suffering and death, but working in the media and technology is not a licence to pollute.

Treatment of Depression Decreases Suicide Study Indicates
The link between depression and suicide bears directly on the sadness and loss of hope that often leads people to choose euthanasia.

Assisted Suicide Not Appealing in Reality: Study
Although 63 percent of the patients support the idea of legalized physician-assisted suicide, only six percent would personally request a hastened death if it were currently legal.

Grim Truth about Euthanasia
Dr. Death is more physically ill and "terminal" than the vast majority of the people he killed.

Freezing of Eggs to be Regulated
Health Canada plans to license and regulate as a "controlled activity" the technology of freezing a woman's eggs for future use.

Stop Human Trafficking
"Human trafficking" refers to the global slave trade. People are entrapped, sold and moved, resold, used, abused, brutalized, discarded, and murdered on a vast scale.

Safe Injection Site Illegal, Says UN
The UN says that Vancouver's supervised drug injection site should be shut down because it violates international drug control treaties.

No Constitutional Right to Abortion in Canada, Say Legal Expert and Politicians
Despite claims by pro-choice activists, there is no constitutional right to abortion, said members of a pro-life panel on abortion and the law at Carleton University.

Physicians and Marriage Commissioners: Accommodation of Differing Beliefs
"What difference does it make that people are paid from the public purse when it comes to the accommodation of conscience or religious beliefs?"

Pedophiles Exploit Wireless Net Access
Pedophiles have discovered they can easily pirate other people's wireless computer signals to download child pornography because of unsecured systems.

The Story of Ashley
Ashley was physically "redesigned" so that it would be easier for her parents to take care of her. Morally we feel that's wrong, but our reasoning glosses over our intuitive senses.

Traditional Family Unit at Stake
The Court decision that claims that a child can have more than two legal parents has again changed long-standing social policies to suit adult desires.

Canada Said Heading to Allow Creation of Embryos For Destructive Research
Ethicists are concerned that pressuring women to donate "fresh" embryos for stem cell research could lead to the outright creation of embryos as research subjects.




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