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Caring for the Heart of Canada
Marriages are healed and couples are receiving spiritual and physical freedom through Caring for the Heart Ministries.

Once dominated by Catholicism, Quebec is now considered to be an unreached people group. Of the less than one percent professing to be evangelical Christians, half confess to failed marriages.

Twelve years ago he began to pursue counseling full-time, and is now booked years in advance.

Quebec’s Daniel and Karen Savignac are one Christian couple that’s uncovered the secret to a strong marriage, and in January 2008, will be fully certified under John Regier’s Caring for the Heart Ministries to share that secret with others.

For the past 12 years, Regier – a former Lutheran pastor from Colorado Springs, CO – has been leading couples to emotional, spiritual and physical freedom through prayer. It’s a method he stumbled upon himself at the age of 35, while writing a sermon.

He simply knelt and prayed, asking God to forgive the bitterness he’d bottled up against his father. “For 15 years I had neglected my family of love. I wasn’t able to love, because of the sin that was blocking my heart.”

Once he realized the practicality of prayer and the applicability of Scripture, Regier asked God to further reveal answers to people’s problems. As the answers came, he shared them with his congregation. Twelve years ago he began to pursue counseling full-time, and is now booked years in advance.

Regier’s desire is to train counselors across North America in Biblical Concepts of Counseling, in the hopes that divorce will no longer be an option.

On January 1, 2003, Regier’s ministry expanded into Canada under the direction of Pastor Bob Bramhill. “I had been pastoring a church in Gorrie, Ontario for 15 years and out of frustration from trying to help individuals and couples resolve deep problems, I cried out to the Lord to show me what to do.” After visiting Regier, Bramhill found the solution through applying Biblical Principles to relationships.

Daniel Savignac also pastored a Baptist Church in Montreal. After undergoing Regier’s counseling, Karen says their hearts were hooked.

“For us, it was a real turning point in our relationship. We had a lot of things to confess, a lot of hurts that needed to be healed. I saw my husband’s heart for the first time: I saw him as a little child who’d been hurt and I just wanted to take care of him. It opened up a new facet in our relationship.

“(Now), it’s as if I’m breathing for the first time in my life. There’s so much oxygen in the air. I hadn’t realized how tight my chest was for all those years; all the garbage had been stored up inside. We thought, ‘We need to do this. We need to help people.’”

Slowly the heart of Canada is being tended to. Merve and Marion Tuplin of Edmonton, Alberta, are also branching out in the New Year as full-time counselors. For them, it only took one hour of counseling from Regier to overcome a rocky relationship.

“He looked at our workbooks, showed us the hot spots in our marriage which we needed prayer for, and that was it. Once those problems were resolved, our marriage was much stronger.”

Regier summed it up at an Ontario seminar in November. “Everyone wants to be loved. I invite Christians to stand out by caring about others.”

Emily Wierenga is a freelance writer based in Blyth, Ontario.  She can be reached at

Originally published in ChristianWeek, November 2007. 

Joy In the Christian Journey

Used with permission.  Copyright © 2008




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