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Jane’s World
Krista Acheson’s latest CD, Jane’s World, has the strength to inspire airplay requests to radio stations across Canada.

The cover of this CD from late 2006 immediately projects a sense of what lies within.  The layered swirling sky beyond a barren landscape reminds one of imagery found on Joni Mitchell’s album Turbulent Indigo or in Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream.  Jane’s World is not one of simply sunny skies but of varying emotions and realities.

A native of Moncton, New Brunswick, singer-songwriter Krista Acheson (nee Doucet) has powerful vocals comparable to Natalie Merchant or Alanis Morissette.  Krista discovered her talent early, recording an album at 16 that made her the most requested artist at a local radio station.  Her latest CD, Jane’s World, self-produced at Pumpk’n Patch Studios in Riverview, New Brunswick, has the strength to inspire similar airplay requests to radio stations across Canada.

“Hi! My Name Is…” launches the CD with a combination of thrumming guitar and detailed bass-work (both by Chris Colepaugh) and clashing drums (Math Pinet) that would make The Foo Fighters proud.  Krista’s clear vocals and lyrics tear through the empty pose of the trend-obsessed, the anarchist and the religious hypocrite.

“Black Eyed Susan” continues the pop energy into a darker place, telling of a man who went from “all chocolates and wine” to “you can’t leave because you’re mine.”

“Run Jane Run” picks up this theme again, telling of a woman who is running for “greener pastures and bluer skies.”

Those bluer skies do eventually appear in Jane’s World. “Extraordinary” is filled with exuberance for the small details of love:  “how instead of 12 red roses I get birds of paradise.”

“Miracle” ends the album on a note of faith, recognizing the best place to run to is God’s “arms of love until these monsters go away.”

With powerful vocals, a punky ska bounce and intelligent lyrics, Krista D is a refreshing presence.  Anyone looking for alternative-edged music that has depth and playful energy will want to check out Jane’s World.  Samples available at  Find a store near you at

Originally published in Faith Today, September/October 2007.




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