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God Wants Us to be More than Saved
God can renew your heart and transform your mind. Do you want to be transformed?

I’ve been doing emotional recovery seminars for many years and I have learned a very important fact about those who attend or who read my articles. If you attend a seminar or are reading this right now, I know you are fine and not having any trouble with your feelings or emotions. But you have really messed up friends and you want to learn more about these topics so you can help them. So each issue I will give you tools to help all your friends. You may actually want to forward this article to them so they can get straightened out faster.

This is an actual photograph of me in the transformation process.

I don’t want to shock you but I’ve discovered that God wants us to be more than saved. He wants us to be saved and transformed.

So our Scripture today is Romans 12:2: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it, but how do we do it? How do you renew your mind?

Well, you fill it with God’s truth to combat all the lies that you may have believed about yourself, others and about God. In these articles I want to talk about all the truth that God has given us to destroy the strongholds of lies that so many of us have been living in our whole lives.

Where are these strongholds or fortresses of lies located? They aren’t just in our minds or we could easily dispose of them. Matthew 12:34 says: “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”

The strongholds are buried deep in our hearts. It’s what’s in our hearts that determines how we think, speak and relate to others. The contents of our hearts control our minds and how we think. To renew your mind, you need a transformation of your heart.

God wants to transform our hearts, which will then transform and renew our minds.

Do you want God to transform you?

When I had to answer this question for the first time many years ago I remember thinking, “Sure, I want to be transformed. I’m pretty good though the way I am. It shouldn’t take much work and it will probably be quick. There isn’t much that needs changing.” I saw my heart as a pretty fine looking house that just perhaps needed some redecorating or rearranging of the flower pots on the front porch.

I came up with my own blueprint for change and an estimate of what it would cost me.

You can imagine my surprise when God, for some reason, had a different concept of transformation. When I gave Him permission to change me he didn’t stop after he had rearranged the flower pots. He decided that I needed a lot more work than I had been planning on.

God didn’t follow my blueprint for change. What was supposed to be a bit of redecorating became a process more like the picture above, what I call open pit mining.

God didn’t just want to rearrange the flowers, but He decided to change the very bedrock of my heart and personality. This was no quick fix or Band-aid solution. God lead my wife and me through a process of heart transformation that changed the way we thought about ourselves, others and about God. In this process we learned so much truth that it shattered our strongholds of lies. It transformed our marriage, our relationships and our walk with God. What I learned in this transformation process became the message of my book Emotionally Free.

In future articles I want to share with you the truth that God showed me that can transform your heart and renew your mind. Do you want to be transformed? I hope you have the courage to say yes. Remember, God wants you to be emotionally free.

Grant Mullen, MD, is a mental health physician, author and public speaker. For more information on emotional transformation or to subscribe to a free newsletter, visit Dr. Mullen’s free monthly video podcasts are on iTunes.

Emotionally Free

In this forthright and compassionate study, Grant Mullen helps readers identify symptoms of depression and understand treatment from three perspectives: medical, spiritual, and inner healing. From a scriptural foundation, he discusses causes of depression, exposes Satan's part in deceiving those who are suffering, and offers principles to help the reader learn to ''reconnect'' head and heart, find self-acceptance, and learn to trust God in a new and joyful way.

Originally published on Dr. Grant Mullen’s website,, October 2007.





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