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An Audience of One
God speaks to ordinary people. When Will Currie talked to God, God answered. It changed his life.

Will Currie said he was a Christian, but deep down, he knew he wasn’t—until God spoke directly to his heart.

I’ve always considered myself to be a lucky kid with a great life,” says Will Currie, a 20-year-old university student from Newmarket, Ontario. “But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized just how good life could be.”

Captain Mark Hall, Salvation Army’s youth band leader, with Will Currie.

The youngest of three children, Will admits that his family didn’t attend church regularly. “I believed in God, but never really knew Him,” he recalls. “I’d never heard the good news that God had to offer.” By the time Will entered high school, he considered himself to be a good person with a sense of right and wrong, but not a religious one. “Religion was a great idea, but it wasn’t for me,” he states. “Why did I need church? I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t lonely. Why bother?”

Struggling for faith

In Grade 10, Will found himself part of a great group of friends with similar tastes and interests. When they weren’t attending class, they would get together, tell jokes and enjoy each other’s company. “I was blessed to be with them instead of with the wrong crowd—in a high school with no shortage of wrong crowds,” Will says.

His best friend, Cameron, was a devout Christian whose family attended the Salvation Army church just down the street from the school. Will often accompanied them to church on Sunday mornings if he had slept over the night before. The church boasted a fine brass band with a welcoming, friendly congregation, so it came as no surprise to Will that more and more of his school friends started to join. Intrigued, Will started researching Jesus—who He was and why His life and death meant so much to so many. “But I still couldn’t call myself a Christian,” says Will. “It still didn’t fit right.”

In 2005, Will accompanied Cameron to The Salvation Army’s national music camp at Jackson’s Point, Ontario. At the end of the week, the two noticed some friends gathered around Judy Way, a faculty member. “I was called over and introduced,” remembers Will. “After a minute, she asked, ‘Can I pray for you?’ I realized no one had ever asked me that before.”

They soon became regular correspondents, and Judy suggested that Will start to pray. “I prayed to God for answers,” says Will. “Why was I so stubborn about accepting Jesus when so many others lived for Him every day?”

Soon, he started attending Salvation Army church services and participating in Army youth events more regularly. “I told myself I was a Christian, but deep down I knew I wasn’t,” confesses Will. He was still struggling to find faith.

An unbroken chain

One evening, Will attended a Salvation Army church service with his friends. There, the pastor asked the congregation to bow their heads in prayer. Eyes shut tight, Will started to pray—truly pray—for the first time in his life. “I couldn’t open my eyes even if I had wanted to,” he recalls. “I was in a conversation I never had before, speaking to a captive audience of One.” When Will opened his eyes, colours seemed brighter and more vibrant, and he could physically feel the presence of God. Exhilarated, he dragged Cameron outside and ran laps around the school track. “I’d never felt so alive, so incredible,” says a jubilant Will.

“I once heard that Jesus goes wherever He is welcome,” he continues. “I opened my heart and knocked down the walls in my head that were keeping me from Him. I was saved that night, and I’ll never forget what that felt like.”

Since becoming a Christian, Will has joined The Salvation Army’s regional youth band and chorus and is working with kids through The Army’s music and day-camp programs.

“These past three years have been the best of my life,” says Will, “thanks to people like Cameron and Judy and countless others who guided me on my path to faith. Never underestimate the impact that Christians can have on somebody’s life. We can become the links in a chain that guides others to God. Don’t be the missing link.”

Ken Ramstead is the associate editor of Faith & Friends.

Originally published in Faith & Friends, August, 2007.




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