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Singing Again
With chart-topping hits in the U.S. and Europe and 300 concert bookings a year, success for Jodi Faith came late in life.

Canadian country Gospel star Jodi Faith was a classically trained vocalist when she married the man of her dreams at the age of 18.

Jodi Faith

But the couple spiralled into a life of substance abuse and violence, and for 17 years the beautiful young woman was forced to keep her lovely singing voice silent.

“I had ten years of Royal Conservatory training, but I wasn’t allowed to sing,” said Faith during a telephone interview from her home in LaFleche, Saskatchewan. “And now, I’m anticipating a national launch of my fourth CD [in September].”

With chart-topping hits in the U.S. and Europe and 300 concert bookings a year, success for Jodi Faith, ironically her real name, came late in life.

After her violent party-boy husband tried to kill her in the early 90s and was thrown in jail, she and her three children picked up the pieces of their broken lives. With the help of their church family in Medicine Hat, the small family began to heal. Along the way, Jodi met Bob Faith, a school principal.

“Then I discovered he went to our church, and we started having coffee together,” said Jodi. “He’d been through a tough divorce himself. Each of us has a story about how God showed up in our lives.”

Jodi, who hadn’t sung a note in 20 years, hesitantly joined the church choir.

I had no self confidence. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to memorize lines because of years of substance abuse,” she said.

Once her talent became evident, the invitations to perform poured in.

“I started singing at the Drumheller Penitentiary once a month,” said Faith. “But my career really started in Saskatchewan. I think once we left the busyness of Alberta, I could be quiet. That’s when the phone started to ring.”

Concerts and sessions in recording studios followed.

Her third album was nominated for a Canadian Gospel Music Covenant Award last year. It was during Gospel Music Week in Calgary that Faith met Don Somerville of Universal Records. By week’s end, she had a contract.

“What no one knew was that a week before that I was in HMV looking at the Gospel music section and my heart was just grieving because there was very little Gospel music at all.” Faith prayed that she would be the one to fill the void.

“Then a week later, I met Don.”

Jodi said she hopes that being in the Universal catalogue would help her bring her songs of hope and restoration to the secular market.

“I accepted Christ when I was six years old, but I was always frustrated with the lack of love in churches,” Jodi confessed.

It took the love of her church family in Medicine Hat for her to realize that she was the one lacking – that she was the one waiting for people to reach out to her.

“I wake up every day now thinking that God has someone for me to love. My songs are about how God’s love is fulfilling, and about people who God loves through me,” she said.

People are waiting for someone to reach out to them. And I have found that God opens so many doors to us, and we chicken out so bad.”

More information about Jodi is on her website at

Originally published in City Light News, September 2007.




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