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Fort Hood and the Myths of Secularism
The popular media responses to the Fort Hood murders illustrate several secular myths regarding human beings and religion that dominate North American culture.

Can Civil Governments Function According to Christian Ethics?
Some elements of Christian ethics are not intended as as norms for governments, but nations can utilize much more of Christian ethics than they have so far. It would benefit everyone.

What Does God Expect of Governments?
The Bible has much to say about the roles and responsibilities of governments. The expectations and guiding principles for good government are clear and constant.

Thanksgiving, Appreciation and Criticism
Repeated criticisms tend to be perceived as nagging. Repeated appreciation and thanks tend to be perceived as love. That’s what we all want and need.

Jesus is with the God-Forsaken: Encouragement and Challenge
Is there a discontinuity between our Christian experience and our perception of Scripture’s teaching?

What Does God Expect of Citizens?
How should Christians view and interact with government? This is the first in a series of studies based on the assumption that God has a role for Christians in government.

What Does the Trinity Have to do with Christian Worship?
Trinity – three in one – is not “funny math.” It’s the name Christians use to describe the kind of God they encounter in Scripture.

Why I Don’t Like Funerals
Christians have missed the mark when it comes to funerals. The way we conduct them doesn’t match the biblical view of salvation.

Thinking Devotionally about Human Worth
How do you calculate human worth? There’s only one measure.

Being In, but Not of the World
What in the world is worldliness, and how do we avoid it?

The Problem with WWJD 
Why need we ask what Jesus would do in the 21st century, when He told Christians in every generation what He expects of His followers?

God’s Law and the Law of the Land 
Evangelicals have not always connected well in the political arena. It would help to follow God’s lead in relating biblical moral values to the public sphere.

The Resurrection 
If Jesus dealt with my sins on the cross, what is the importance of the resurrection?

The "New Atheism" as "Good News" 
While the new atheism has generated worry among Christians, perhaps it isn't warranted. One gets a sense of growing worry among atheists as well, and for good reason.




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