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While you and I can't do everything, we can each do something to help the people devastated by the tsunami. Pray, and let God lead you as you consider what you can do.

Watching the tsunami calamity unfold over the last few days has been a heart-wrenching experience for all of us. As the scope of this disaster becomes apparent it is clear that there are few parallels in the magnitude to this natural disaster.

… be compassionate, generous, wise and focused in your response.

I'm sure, like me you have asked the question, What can I do.

Should we be paralyzed by the immensity of the challenge, because it's way more than we can individually fix?

Should we sit around doing nothing, but feeling overwhelmed by guilt?

Micah 6:8 reminds us that God want us to show kindness. The word Micah uses for "kindness" is the very rich word hesed. In the Old Testament it is associated with God's loving kindness that flows out of and is expressed in the covenant.

It refers to a love that always seeks to express itself in action. It is never confined to a feeling.

What does it mean in light of the unfolding crisis in Asia?

It implies that while you and I can't do everything, we can each do something.

• We can keep informed of the situation even when it has disappeared from the front pages of our newspapers.

• We can know what's going on with Christian agencies and how the Church is responding.

• We can pray.

• We, who have so much more than we need, can give some of what we have. In fact, we can give more and more of what we have to people who have no food, no home, no hope.

As we seek to respond to God's promptings of how we should respond, let me urge you to be compassionate, generous, wise and focused in your response. As stewards of our God-given resources, let us use them in the most effective ways possible. For a list of recommended guidelines for giving and engagement click here.

May God help His Church to be The Church at this critical time.

Geoff Tunnicliffe is the director of global initiatives with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.




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