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Thailand: Mei's Miracle

The mission team saw many miraculous healings during their trip to Thailand, but Mei's miracle captured best the meaning and purpose of their outreach.

The Lord is able to do infinitely more beyond what we ask or imagine. It's in the Bible! We read it and speak it and, I think, for the most part, we believe it to be true. But belief isn't binary—either on or off—it's a whole spectrum of attitudes and expectations and understanding …

"I believe! Please help my unbelief!"

Our Father enjoys that prayer! He likes to meet us in improbable places at improbable times and modify our paradigms to conform to His reality.

This story took place on Friday evening, December 8, 2006. I was co-ordinating another mission trip for Impact Nations, an interdenominational outreach, consisting of 24 people from eight different nations who had converged in Thailand for the past ten days. This was to be our last evening of ministry before breaking up to return home again the next day.

We had come to Pattaya, one of the world's most notorious sex trade capitals, on the previous evening specifically to minister God's love to the prostitutes and to offer a way out through a local ministry called Tamar House. Through the day we had printed up invitations to be handed out on the streets and beach area and reserved a conference room in a downtown hotel. As dinnertime came, I was with a few of the team at the hotel setting the room for the ministry time while the rest were out on the highways and byways inviting the girls to come. Some of our female team member went into the bars and bought girls of their barstools. The value of a Pattaya working girl for one night is about $5.

As we were setting up, a Thai family—mom and dad and their crippled daughter—came into the conference room looking a bit lost. They had seen one of the invitations and wanted prayer for the girl's feet. Mei's feet were locked inwards at greater than a 90 degree angle, forcing her to walk on her ankles, if she walked at all. We invited her parents to place her in a chair at the front of the room and several of the team began to pray healing for her.

There was something about Mei. She had such a beautiful smile and a gracious acceptance of our ministry, although we couldn't communicate—all our translators were out helping with invitations and purchases. For half an hour or so, we all spent time with Mei in prayer. There was no visible sign of change in Mei's feet, they could not be turned even a little bit towards a normal alignment; but she and her parents joyfully and patiently received everything we were offering. When a translator at last became available, Bob asked that she tell Mei that God sees her as beautiful and loves her joyful smile. Mei positively glowed, but at that time, the main influx of working girls, team mates and translators began to arrive and the ministry time began in earnest.

The time with the working girls was wonderful—awesome to see their dark, suspicious expressions melt away as music and testimonies and the Gospel were presented. When the western men on our team knelt before them to ask their forgiveness for the way the West has used Thailand for their base pleasures and wrecked destruction on their families and society, there were tears on their faces as these hardened prostitutes once again became the little girls they really are. Many received healing and several received Christ and left the trade under the care of the Tamar Center volunteers. But this story is about Mei and our Father.

She and her parents had stayed through the whole evening although I had lost track of her in my usual scurrying about behind the scenes. When the meeting ended, I went to the exit to say goodbye to our guests and the local volunteers. There was an amazing warmth of fellowship among so many who had only known each other for a couple of hours, adding to the tangible sense of the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit throughout the evening. We were all on a bit of a spiritual high.

Something infinitely beyond all that I could ask or imagine had just happened.

But as the last few were saying their goodbyes, Mei and her family came walking toward me and for a moment I literally could not believe my eyes. It was in fact, impossible that what I was seeing was true. She was walking on her own now, lightly supported by her mom and dad on either side. Both Mei's feet were perfectly, normally flat to the floor as she took each careful step, still with that beatific smile that now had a look of triumph as well. As I write this now six months later my eyes still well with tears, savoring the joy of that moment. Something infinitely beyond all that I could ask or imagine had just happened.

There were many other miraculous healings during this trip, but somehow it was Mei's miracle that most captured the meaning and purpose of why we're doing what we do.

My Father did that! He did it for her! He did it for her mom and dad! He did it for us!

And I'm pretty sure He enjoyed doing it.

I probably will never see Mei again this side of heaven, but I know her testimony is going to transform lives around her and bring glory to her new Father. Many will see and fear and trust in the Lord!

"Glory to God … "

Paul Crouser is with Impact Nations, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Originally published in Anglicans for Renewal, Summer 2007.




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