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Does God Care About National Boundaries?
A reader contemplates how national boundaries of nations founded by humankind relate to the vision of spiritual revival.

This letter is a response to the article by Daina Doucet, "The Day When Hamilton Changed the World."

Isn't it taking the Bible out of context to keep imploring God for revival for Canada, or any other geo-political state? What is Canada to God? Or any other man-made country? The Old Testament related to God and His Special Nation, Israel, with whom He made a one-time-only deal—the Old Covenant. The Ten Commandments. The book of Leviticus and all that. … As I understand it, these were once-in-a-lifetime events.

As New Covenant followers of God, surely we must look beyond national and geo-political borders.

Of course, all of this contains spiritual meaning for Christians today. But for nations today? I don't think so. At least not in the same sense. Of course it's true that if a majority of folks living under some national banner are close to God, then by secondary effect, that nation will tend to do well. The blessings for wisdom and love and compassion are certainly built into creation. But all this imploring for national revival makes me uneasy.

Canada, after all, despite any fancy words in the constitution, was founded by humans—not by God. And to use a great line from Bruce Cockburn: "They set out to build a New Jerusalem, and ended up with New York … "

Canada, like the United States is built upon the genocides and ethnic cleansings of the aboriginal peoples—a crime as yet not even acknowledged let alone repented of. And since the founding of so-called "Christian Nations" the crimes have continued unabated. The original people groups—where they survive at all—remain completely marginalized. Now there's someone who is longing for revival! The plunder of the land, sea and air goes on "in the name of" these nations and the kind of economy they are based upon. This note would be too long if we started listing the details, but here's a good website regarding just one such atrocity in Canada: .

As New Covenant followers of God, surely we must look beyond national and geo-political borders. The New Covenant Church founded by Christ was never intended to be a geo-political entity. In fact, I find it troubling to see how closely many Christians (especially Evangelicals) intertwine their faith and their politics.

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