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Conner Sees Revival Flowing from Hamilton
Bobby Conner, a Southern Baptist pastor known for his prophetic accuracy, sees good things for Hamilton, Ontario. He says God has a plan for the city.

Some might wonder what the future holds spiritually for Hamilton, Ontario—a steel town with a depressed city core. Bobby Conner, a Southern Baptist pastor known for his prophetic accuracy, sees good things. He says God has a plan for Hamilton.

Bobby Conner

Based on a 1997 prophetic experience, Conner reports: "I was then told that the coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon, would announce the beginning of one of the greatest healing revivals in history. This healing revival will start around Hamilton, Ontario, and then blaze across Canada to Vancouver. From there it will turn down the Northwest Coast of the U.S., and across the Pacific to the Far East."

In June 2006, in an address to an overflow crowd of area pastors and visitors at the Revival Centre on Emerald St., Hamilton, Conner reiterated his conviction and vision of an impending healing revival for the city:

"Out of the slag piles of Hamilton will come healing hands. And [they'll] release the largest healing revival the world has ever seen … . It'll be the harvest of the seeds that were in John G. Lake. It'll be God's answer to the bird flu. Science has no answer. God does … and it'll be a revival of healing, signs and wonders, to win the hearts of the people."

Historically, John G. Lake (1870) was born west of Hamilton in St. Mary's, Ontario. His powerful healing ministry was later based in Spokane, Washington. Conner declares that God chose Hamilton "because of prayers of the past, and what He did here in [this city] in the past." The history of Hamilton, he says reveals "many paid a high price for healing."

Conner believes that, among the churches in Hamilton, "God is calling forth a divine alliance now." Conner points to the Scripture, "How pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity" (Psalm 133:1) and adds, "The word dwell, in Hebrew means smelting metal. Would Hamilton know anything about smelting metal? You put the individual pieces in the kettle, turn the burner up, and they all … merge into one." He suggests the Scripture might best be read, "How pleasant it is for the brethren to merge together as one."

The Revival Centre is holding camp meetings open to the public from March 29, 2008 to April 7, 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario. Bobby Conner will be speaking on April 6 and 7 at 7:00 p.m.  For more information on the conference, visit Eagle World Worldwide Ministries or call (905) 308-9991.

Daina Doucet is a writer and editor based in Hamilton, Ontario. She edits the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's website,

Originally published in Beacon, July/August 2007.  This is a slightly modified and updated version.




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